You’re Prayers Have Been Answered

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You’re Prayers Have Been Answered
At his weekly press conference today, Tressel hinted that the fans would most likely have a new starting quarterback by the end of the season. Hell, I will not be surprised if the Buckeyes have a new starting QB by the end of the month.

Tressel has been backed into a corner largely by his own actions. After trying to shuffle Boeckman and Pryor in an effort to spark a dormant offense, he only sparked a controversy. It became clear on Saturday night that Boeckman lacks the right stuff to lead the team against significant competition. It became clear this afternoon that Tressel understands that Boeckman’s snaps are numbered.

Judging from the tone of Tressel’s voice I get the distinct impression that Pryor will be given every opportunity to succeed and take the starting job. If he comes in and has a great series, I expect to see him back the next series, and so on until the coaches feel he should come out.

Tressel said Pryor would take about 50 percent of the snaps this Saturday. I will take the over on that one.

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