9/16: BecKKKett

Evan Brunell@evanbrunellFeatured ColumnistSeptember 16, 2008
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Boston Red Sox (89-61) @ Tampa Bay Rays (88-60)
Josh Beckett (12-9, 4.10) @ Andy Sonnanstine (13-7, 4.47)
7:10 PM EDT | Fenway Park (Boston, MA)

GAME NOTES: From Mostly Running: Before I die I want to watch a baseball game with Sherman Alexie. I want that game to mean something to him. I want to hear him describe the physical act of pitching a baseball and willing it to the edges of what is physically possible. I want to hear him talk about how a batter’s speed relates to the greenness of the grass and how bats are made from trees that used to grow. In my mind I am sitting in Fenway Park and the Red Sox are playing a meaningful September game against the Yankees. Beckett is pitching, all the uniforms are so clean they don’t need players in them to walk the field. The umpires are friendly but precise and play no role in the game. That won’t happen today, instead it’s cowbells and catwalks, a team I can’t root against and the very real possibility we’ll see another laughter. Let’s hope we’re on the right side of it. It makes me sad that Florida, a state with few places with more elevation than a pitcher’s mound, doesn’t appreciate how fun to watch this Rays team is.