Women's College Basketball Buzzer Beater: Watch Amazing Full Court Shot

Thomas CopainCorrespondent IJanuary 24, 2011

So, show of hands, who's heard of the University of the Cumberlands before?

I won't blame anyone if you didn't raise your hand, but odds are if you didn't know it then, you very well could know it now. Or at least you might know Stephanie Quattrociocchi.

Quattrociocchi is a senior guard from Windsor, Ontario, but you probably didn't know that. You might have seen this, though. It's a half-court shot (86-footer to be exact) that the senior guard nailed at the buzzer recently in a game. 

I really don't know what to say about this. I'm actually speechless.

Any half-court shot is impressive, especially when it's not even a shot, really. It's more like a baseball pass to home, and a strike at that to not even hit rim. Either way, it's extremely impressive considering there aren't many half-court shots in basketball anymore.

I still can't get over this guard's arm. That was a laser. Are the Carolina Panthers watching this? That was a better pass than I saw at all from Jimmy Clausen. What about the New York Yankees? Are you telling me she couldn't give A.J. Burnett a run for his money?

That's pretty incredible. I know it's only January, but how is that not one of the plays of the year so far? I mean, it was a laser from across the court.

(photo from the Cumberland Athletics Web site)