It's Hump Day, My First Half Of This Sports Week Is Great

Kyle JensenContributor ISeptember 16, 2008

It's 3:31 am CT right now.  I have to wake up early, but I'm bored.  I just need to write down and let everyone know how my week as been going thus far.

Let me sum it up in one word: "Happiness." 

So happy right now, I feel like every AFC East fan (besides the Pats) after Brady got injured (Sorry Pats fans, I love the guy, but it's this best analogy I could come up with at this time).

It all started on Sunday at noon.  I got out of bed (in a slightly hungover state), threw on my A.J. Hawk jersey and  Packer hat, then turned on the tube (yes, I did forget to put pants on at first). 

Aaron Rodgers (the man I truly supported all summer) threw a heck of a first half.  Three TD passes and what seemed to be a million yards (I never exaggerate).  The game then suddenly started to take a turn in the second half. 

The Lions started gaining ground, had a better defensive scheme and eventually took a 25-24 lead.  There were many things thrown and punched in my living room at this time (thank god my roommates were not home).  T

hen, Rodgers drives the Pack down for a field goal.  Then Brandon Jackson scores after a Charles Woodson interception.  Then Charles Woodson scores off of his interception.  Then Nick Collins scores off of...well, I think you know where I'm going.  It was a great way to start a day off.

So I take a shower, put clothes on (including pants), and then go to work.  Only one person works each shift where I work.  So do the math...I was the only one working on Sunday night.

I know the Cubs game is going on, and I'm listening to a country station because it's the only FM station that comes in on that old 1980s radio.  Instead, I just check the score on my phone, but it only tells me the box score (without the hits and errors even).

My best friend texts me at 8:57 PM, "No hitter through six."  I text my older brother to confirm (he lives three miles from Wrigley), he replies at 9:12 PM "Z throwing no hitter through seven." 

At that point I realized that the radio had AM capabilities, and I used to work at the local radio station that carries all of the Cubs games (on the AM frequency).  So, I turned the game on.  From the eighth inning on, I got to hear Pat Hughes and Ron Santo call the game.  WOW.

On Monday, the Cubs played during the day. and I watched the gamecast all day (we have WGN here, but Cubs games are on either WGN or Comcast Sports Network, during this game, it was the latter). 

Ted Lilly, pitching a no-hitter through three, of course I text my best friend to jokingly let him know.  Then it's through six, this time you just can't believe it.  I went out to mow the lawn, came back inside the house, and saw it got broken up in the seventh.  But, one hit?  WOW.

Now, my fantasy football team was down 74-71 after Sunday.  I have Tony Romo, so I think we all can figure out how my fantasy team fared this week (2-0 on the season).

And this brings us to Tuesday.  I was at work again on Tuesday night, listening to the Cubs game.  It was a good game, but the Cubs squeaked it out, and their magic number is four (one of my favorite numbers, OK, I'm stretching it a little here). 

I am knocking on wood a lot more these days than normal (not Kerry Wood), but wow do I feel great.  Let's hope it stretches into October, then into February (Packers) and it ends in March (Duke), only for all of it to start over again.  Time for bed at 3:58 AM.