ECW Recap 9/16/08 or Slowly Getting Better

Bleacher ReportCorrespondent ISeptember 16, 2008

ECW has a lot of catching up to do since last week.  It's time to figure out if they're on the right path.

We open the show with an actual match this week.  Matt Hardy faces off against Mike Knox in a non-title match.  Usually, I think the champion should always be in the end of the show, but this was a good way to kick off ECW.  Matt wasn't defending his title, so it was fine to have him in the opening match. 

The match itself makes Knox look fantastic.  We finally get to see him work and he had some creative offense.  It really makes me sad to know that his feud with Finlay is probably over, as those two would have had some great matches if they were given the time. 

Knox introduced the simple counter to the Twist of Fate in this match, which is great because that move needed a counter.  Matt gets the pin with a successful Twist of Fate in a good match.  He continues to look strong and hopefully he'll be given a decent run as champion.

We get a quick segment with Mark Henry and Tony Atlas backstage watching the match.  Henry is getting better with his promos, which really showed this week.  He's not at Jericho's level, but that's not really expected of him either.

The Miz versus Evan Bourne is next.  Ricky Ortiz accompanies Bourne to the ring, which is very random.  Last I checked, it was Rey Mysterio that owed Bourne a favor.  The match was highlighting The Miz and came off as much slower than a typical Bourne match.  There is no problem with style as Bourne shouldn't be expected to do all of his crazy spots every week.

Bourne wins the match with a quick modified school boy roll up.  He's now beat both Miz and Morrison in consecutive weeks.

Ricky Ortiz being introduced would indicate that he'll get involved in this feud for tag matches.  I find this very interesting because Bourne is already in a program with Kane and Mysterio.  Now he has another program on another show.

The WWE is putting a lot of faith in him as I don't recall the last time someone was involved in two different story lines at the same time.  Hopefully, he's up for the challenge.

Jack Swagger comes out to face Chase Stevens.  This match had the same problem that Swagger's first match had—no one cares about people they don't know.  Chase Stevens hasn't been on TV in months and I don't think he has a contract with the WWE.  No time is invested in him which means the fans could care less about this match. 

Swagger dominates the entire thing and shows that he's really impressive when it comes to powerhouse moves.  He's not coming off as anything special just yet and he has more of a heel look than anything else.

His style tonight was a faces style so I'm thinking that creative still doesn't know what they want to do with him.  On a side note, his smile is really creepy.  If he becomes a heel, that would be a perfect gimmick.

Our main event sees Mark Henry against Finlay.  Finlay needs to change his music.  It really doesn't portray someone who's ready to fight.

This match was very slow.  Henry dominated the entire time with some random spurts of Finlay getting in some offense.  It didn't seem believable to me.

Finlay is one of the toughest fighters in the company and for him to be dominated the whole match made him look bad.  Usually, Mark Henry will destroy his opponents and it doesn't hurt anyone's credibility.  But if the person he fights is supposed to be a brawler, he should have had more offense.

The match ended with Henry hitting the World's Strongest Slam.  Again, there was nothing interesting or memorable about this match.  It really shouldn't have been picked to end the show, or at least should have been worked better so as not to make Finlay look bad.

Overall, ECW was pretty good.  Nothing sticks out as terrible and there's nothing that can't be fixed next week.

Four matches in an hour is very impressive and the fans seemed to be very entertained.  ECW has found a good formula of getting matches on and pushing stories through the commentating as opposed to people standing around and talking.  I admire that in the show.  My rating: B