Wilcox on Wilcox: Former Duck Josh Questions BSU's Justin

Jay JonesContributor ISeptember 16, 2008

Been looking forward to this for a while…

Brother vs. brother…

Duck vs. Bronco…

Wilcox vs. Wilcox…

Josh vs. Justin…

Don't expect hard-hitting questions or revealing answers about the game on Saturday…just a couple of brothers talking football.

Here's Josh…and Justin…

As the Boise State game comes closer, I used my media prowess to secure an interview with Boise State's Defensive Coordinator Justin Wilcox.  I was only allowed the interview via email and only 10 questions. I believe this is what you could classify as real in depth hard hitting journalism:

1. Who was your favorite duck growing up?

Justin: 3-way tie. Latin Berry, Bill Musgrave, and Anthony Newman. Those guys were awesome. Oh and of course, Reggie Jordan.

2. Favorite Sea Bass move?

Justin: Definitely wearing the championship belt out to dinner after a successful evening at the fairgrounds. Classy.

3. Best game(s) you ever have been involved with? Fiesta Bowl or Nerf night games on the lawn?

Justin: The Fiesta bowl was awesome but there were some great diving catches and big hits made on the back lawn. Tough call.

4. How many footballs did we lose in the hedge or under the deck?

Justin: I would venture to guess around six to seven dozen. Seems as though we always found them two years later with mold and worms growing on them. Maybe that’s why I had a bad throwing motion as a QB, slippery moldy footballs.

5. If you could recruit a player in a movie about HS football, who would it be?

Justin: Lucas. No questions. Heart of a lion, won over the hot girl. Easy choice even with his Buddy Holly glasses.

6. Most disgusting Oregon player you ever met—funny wise?

Justin: Deke Moen. Can't comment any more on that. He's one of my best buddy's, but gee-whiz.

7. Can you comment on Naggi’s driving skills down our road?

Justin: If the road is under water most people would stop and not try to cross without knowing where the pavement is. Nate is not most people. Awesome guy, great football coach, funny dude, terrible driver.

8. Better Josh hair cut? Mullet or bowl?

Justin: Both were fine choices but you really would have taken the cake with a bowl /mullet/rat tail combo. The chicks wouldn't have known what to do. I guess it's never too late though...

9. Favorite Pre game CD—HS, college, coaching.

Justin: Pregame CD in high school was Pearl Jam (Ten); college would have to be a mix—I listened to a lot of stuff in college; coaching is more Van Morrison and a lot of Springsteen. Does that mean I'm old?

10. Best Oregon memory?

Justin: Outside of football there are too many to count with the great friends I have. Football wise there were some awesome times and wins but a couple stories that stick out include: the "Cal Bus Trip" story that Eric Winn told every single week for three years, Nate wearing his headphones to dinner when we all went out to eat one night.

Jed Boice / AJ feeley…'nuff said. Matt Smith being older than the coaches…when he was a sophomore. Pete Sirmon and Deke fighting over spilled grape juice...like a real fight. Blake Spence in meetings. It was an unbelievable time.

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Josh Wilcox, a Junction City, Oregon native was a four-year letterman with Ducks. In the Rose Bowl Season of 1994 against Arizona, Danny O’Neil threw 15 yards to Josh for the game’s only touchdown early in the fourth quarter as Oregon came from behind to win 10-9. Arizona was ranked No. 11 by The Associated Press and ranked 23d by The New York Times computer.

Josh went on to catch 11 passes for 135 yards against Penn State in the 1995 Rose Bowl. After finishing his career at Oregon, Josh went on to play for the New Orleans Saints in the NFL.