The 25 Sexiest Super Bowl Ads Of All Time

Sam WestmorelandFeatured ColumnistJanuary 24, 2011

The 25 Sexiest Super Bowl Ads Of All Time

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    Super Bowl XLV is approaching, which means many Americans' attentions fall to commercials. 

    That's right; millions of Americans watch the biggest football game of the year for the commercials, and with good reason. Most companies bring out the big guns to sell their product on one of the most widely watched nights of television of the year. 

    Many of those ads (typically the ones geared at that crucial 18-34 year old male demographic) use sexy ladies to sell their product. 

    These 25 ads are the hottest, sexiest, raunchiest ads of all-time. We've tried to keep from posting a ton of ads from one company (I'm looking at you,, just so that you get a variety of sexiness in your Super Bowl ads.  

    These might not be great ads, but you know one thing for sure: they're definitely hot. 

25. PETA Plays It Sexy

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    This one was too steamy for the NFL and NBC, so they pulled it. Sure, it did not air the night of the game. But enough people heard about it and went to see it online that they might as well have shown it anyway. 

    It would be higher, but because it was not actually on T.V. we have got to drop it a bit. 

24. Beyonce's Vizio Ad

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    I know, I know; she is only on screen for like 10 seconds. But 10 seconds of Beyonce is plenty for this list, if you ask me. 

23. Jessica Simpson Loves Pizza Hut

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    Be nice, now. This was back when Jess was still the hottest singer in the world not named Beyonce. And this does a pretty good job of showing why teenage boys drooled all over their sofas in 2007.

22. The Power of The Crunch

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    The sexiness of this one is over pretty quick, but it is worth it. Even if the ad promotes committing crimes and turning cops into monkeys. 

21. Victoria's Secret Makes History

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    This ad changed the face of lingerie marketing forever. It was a rousing success, for obvious reasons, and was reportedly the impetus for the creation of the Lingerie Bowl, which spawned the Lingerie Football League.

    Never before in television history, has so much good been done for so many guys in a 30-second span.

20. Britney Goes Retro

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    There is something about the form-fitting clothes and the retro feel of this one that just makes it sexy. 

    I chalk it up to the sweater. 

19. Carl's Junior Wants Some Meat

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    The fact that this ad manages to make Carl's Jr. look sexy (no small feat, mind you) puts it on this list. Plus, there's the whole scene in the purple shirt, when every teenager in America started looking up the nearest Carl's Jr. location, just in case. 

18. Megan Fox In a Tub

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    You know, before she got all weird and mega skinny, all you needed to make an amazingly hot ad was Megan Fox in a tub, talking about phones. 

    Those were the days. 

17. Yasmine Bleeth Is Sexy, So Buy Motorola

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    This ad proves that you do not need to be wearing swimsuits or lingerie to smoke up the Super Bowl.

    Sometimes, all you need to be is Yasmine Bleeth. 

16. Ali Landry Sets Off The Fire Alarm

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    This one was a sequel to another incredibly sexy Doritos ad, and thanks to Aly Landry, thousands of college students sat in libraries across the country and waited for this moment. 

15. Carmen Electra Breaks The Ice

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    No one's really sure why Carmen Electra's available for photos in this one. Then again, no one seems to be complaining.

    Sure, this came out after her sexy prime, but she shows she can still bring the heat. 

14. Danica Patrick Is Enhanced?!

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    Hey, they always said that fiction and advertising were about suspending disbelief.

    And you have to love any commercial that makes fun of those ridiculous steroid hearings with sexy ladies. 

13. Coors Figures It Out

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    It took Coors Light a couple of years to figure out these commercials with the twins. 

    They kept putting a bunch of football stuff in between the lovely ladies. 

    However, in the end they realized all that their potential client base wanted was the sexy, and that is what makes this ad so fantastic.

12. Snow Volleyball

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    When you have some of the world's sexiest athletes (Misty May Treanor and Kerry Walsh), playing the world's sexiest sport, it does not matter where they are playing it. 

    You have yourself a winner. 

11. Bud Light Yoga

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    This is why guys take yoga. If they tell you otherwise, odds are, they are lying. 

10. GoDaddy Goes To Court

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    The original GoDaddy ad. The one that started this chain of terrible commercials. 

    They were supposedly spoofing the Janet Jackson wardrobe malfunction, but given what we have seen since from this web hosting site, they just wanted a sexy lady on camera. 

9. Britney, Pink and Beyonce

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    What do you get when you combine Britney Spears at the height of her powers, Beyonce, who remains one of the hottest women on the planet, and Pink, who manages to hold her own against those two juggernauts of the 2000s? 

    One of the hottest commercials in Super Bowl history. 

8. Levis Takes It Off

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    Yes. This commercial is just 30 seconds of women taking off and putting on jeans. Are you really going to complain?

7. Tabasco Really Is Hot Sauce

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    And, apparently, it keeps sexy women from getting tan lines. I think this slide's title says it all. 

6. Britney Spears' Pepsi Ad

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    Britney could not have been more popular, or hotter than she was when she did this commercial, and this is one of the hottest ads of all time.

    Best of all? Even Bob Dole enjoyed it. 

5. Adriana Lima and a Football

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    What else do you need? Exactly. Victoria's Secret always knocks it out of the park. 

4. Cindy Crawford

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    This one's a legend, plain and simple. You do not get much hotter than Cindy Crawford in jeans and a tank top. 

    She even drinks the Pepsi sexy; talk about impressive. 

3. The Original Doritos

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    It is not every day you get introduced to a model as hot as Aly Landry. Doritos could not have picked a better spokeswoman, and this ad proves it. 

2. Catfight For Beer!

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    I think this one speaks for itself. No more words are necessary. All I will say is thank you, Miller Lite. Thank you. 

1. What Is Sexy?

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    30 seconds of lingerie models doing their thing. How could this classically sexy commercial not be top of the list? 

    Not even the catfight can pass it, which is saying a lot.