Mark Sanchez Video: Watch Jets' Quarterback Disrespect Mark Brunell

Thomas CopainCorrespondent IJanuary 24, 2011

So we've seen New York Jets quarterback Mark Sachez do a lot during his short stint in New York. He's revitalized a team and a fanbase, become a pretty big name in the world's largest media market and shown us how to succeed with the stealth mission of eating lunch at the stadium.

But in terms of being caught on sideline candid camera, he probably wishes he hadn't done this.

During the AFC Championship Game yesterday in Pittsburgh, the CBS cameras caught Sanchez on the sideline next to Jets backup Mark Brunell, supposedly picking his nose and then apparently wiping his hands on Brunell's jacket.

And for those of you wondering who just watched the video with the sound on, Jim Nantz did not say Sanchez just picked his nose and then left it on Brunell's jacket. 

There's nothing else to say other than that's just unsanitary. And what of Brunell, whose team-issue jacket has now been sullied? At the very last second before the cameras cut back to the field, Brunell seems to realize that Sanchez has done something to this jacket and gives him almost a "what the blank" type of look and mutters something with a smile.

In the grand scheme of things, this will only be a blip in the Jets second straight AFC Title Game loss, and I don't think Sanchez will be apologizing for this like he did with the hot dog (although if he did have to make a statement, I'd imagine it'd start with something like "There was no pick!"...Seinfeld fans will get the reference). But then again, you never know.