Should People Fear The Dodgers?

Giovanni Albanese Jr.Contributor ISeptember 16, 2008

Two weeks remain in the season for Major League Baseball. One thing you should come to expect in the postseason, hot teams will succeed. See the Colorado Rockies of 2007. Hot stretches to conclude the year don’t always result in taking home World Series’ trophies, but it can certainly get you deep into the playoffs.

Who’s the hottest team in baseball right now among playoff teams? If you guessed the playoff team with the worst overall record right now, the Los Angeles Dodgers, you’d be correct.

The Dodgers, winners of eight of their last 10 games, are beginning to run away with their division in a lackluster NL West. And, they are picking up stride.

One team’s rubbish is another’s gold. Manny Ramirez was run out of town for his attitude in the clubhouse in Boston. Since arriving in L.A., the only thing Ramirez has been a hindrance to is opposing pitching. He’s hitting like the Manny of old, like the future Hall of Famer that he is sure to be.

So, with the Dodgers beginning to catch fire, are they now the team to beat in the National League when it comes October?