Finally! Koren Robinson Signs With A Team

Caleb FishContributor ISeptember 16, 2008

It has taken forever, but Koren Robinson was finally signed. I was so pumped to hear this because I am his No. 1 fan. He re-signed with the Seattle Seahawks Tuesday because five of their other wide receivers went down with injuries.

I'm starting to think there is a Seattle curse. Every wide receiver ends up getting hurt, so I hope Robinson defies the curse.

This is great news, and I hope he doesn't take this lightly and doesn't get arrested again. If he doesn't get arrested, I think he could be a top 15 wide receiver in the league.

I suggest to all of you to put him on your fantasy teams, because he is not going to be a bust. He will play great, even if he ends up a No. 2 wide receiver.

logan schell is stupid,  caleb