Minnesota Twins: Target Field Fallout

Andrew KneelandSenior Writer ISeptember 16, 2008

The highly debated housing issue of the Minnesota Twins has come to a halt. For the next 25 years the new ballpark that will be built for this team will be referred to as "Target Field." Minnesota only seriously negotiated with one company, Target, throughout the process. The estimated worth of this deal is $100 million over the two and a half decades.

Target Field. Certainly not the worst name possible, but I can think of better. Here are ten better names for the new stadium the Twins will play in starting two years from now.

10. So-Long-Dome-Dog Stadium

9. Land 'O Lakes Field

8. The Ballpark in the Snow and Cold

7. Homer Hanky Housing

6. Ludefisk Ballpark

5. Norwegian Turf

4. M&M's Playground

3. Who-Needs-Ya-Santana Stadium

2. Penny-Pinching-Pohlad Park

1. How-'Bout-Them-Gophers Field

Suggest your own!