The Top Fantasy Point Guards 2008-09

Nuno CardosoContributor ISeptember 16, 2008

A team has always looked to a leader for success. Sometimes it's the loud, boisterous power forward, sometimes the slashing potentially gun totting small forward but most of the time, it's the point guard on the court that determines the personality of the team. A good point guard is the extension of the coaching staff and bring the personification of team philosophy to the game.

With a point guard, it's not all about the scoring or the assists statistically, but when and where to take over and score or dish the ball to the hot hand. Chemistry is a fickle beast and without a level headed point guard capable of reading not only the opponent but his own team's valleys and peaks, success is far...far...away.

In the fantasy world though, it's all about the statistics. No need to worry about a disgruntled team mate waving his arms in frustration waiting for the pass for a pocket three point attempt.

The best point guard pickups for your fantasy team are:

  1. Chris Paul - Yes, that's right, Paul has excelled from day 1 in the NBA. There wasn't much he couldn't do in his rookie year and he has to be credited with bringing the Hornets where Baron Davis couldn't. This season, the Hornets are considered a title contender and with other players like David West, Tyson Chandler and Peja Stojakovic, it's no wonder he can rack up over 11apg to go with his 21ppg. There are others who may take Deron Williams as their first choice of PG in a fantasy draft but the ones i know, take the short bus to school/work.
  2. Deron Williams - Who would have thought that in the same draft year, two point guards of such quality would have entered the NBA? I know who didn't think much of either Williams or Paul, the Atlanta Hawks, who's weakness at point has been well documented for year and even though they had strength in the forward position, went ahead and drafted another SF instead of taking Chris Paul.
    Deron was touted as another leader and of course didn't disappoint from the beginning, even though people were expecting a John Stockton type performance, Williams has shown he's a stronger physical player, although he's got a bit to go before you can say he's just as good a leader. Williams is good for 10apg and 20ppg.
  3. Steve Nash - Nash has to be officially in the twilight of his career. He's still very capable but with the bad back not going away, you have to believe his minutes will be decreased but the new Phoenix coaching staff which will impact on Nash's stats this season. Last season he was good for 17ppg and 11apg, but the coaches will surely want to keep Nash ready for the playoff stretch and 15ppg and 8-9apg are more realistic, especially after the concentrated effort by Phoenix to find a suitable backup.
  4. Chauncey Billups - There is a lot of talk about Rodney Stuckey in Detroit, rumours that Billups is getting a little long in the tooth and should be on his way out of the motor city in due time. I think this talk is premature and the one thing Billups does is fight, he's a big shot point guard with the ability to get to the hole whenever he wants. The detroit system has always been able to hide player's faults, including their age and lack of agility at times. I know Detroit will look to give Stuckey and Maxiell more time to bring along the youth, but Billups will not go gently into the night and still deserves to be a top point guard choice. Billups was good for 17ppg and 7apg and i don't see him dropping much this season, i think he and stuckey may see some floor time together, keeping Billups' minutes around the same as last season
  5. Jason Kidd - Oh no! Really? Yes, it's good ol' reliable Jason Kidd. His stats may suffer a little in Dallas this season since they won't rely on his as much as New Jersey did, but one thing he's good for is the triple-double. It was strange to see Kidd's shooting percentage drop as far as it did last season but his 11ppg, 10apg and 7rpg make him a unique pickup at point guard. His lower scoring and shooting percentages shouldn't hurt your team so much as long as you have a good SG and SF around him. You'll definitely win the assists and rebound stats. 

Next, i'll work my way to the Shooting guards... stay tuned.