Jacksonville Jaguars Bid Farwell To Vic Ketchman

Antonio FurgiueleContributor IFebruary 4, 2011

Vic Ketchman, Senior editor for the Jaguars
Vic Ketchman, Senior editor for the Jaguars

What can you say about the man who spent countless seasons writing for the Jaguars? The man who shared with us his knowledge and passion for the game?

Vic Ketchman has been with the Jags since their inception in 1995, giving us a weekly column where fans all over the world and of every team could ask Vic his thoughts, opinions, or in some cases attempt to tell him off. 

Vic was with the Jaguars through wins and loses, even in and out of the hospital to continue his work and bring us the very latest from Jacksonville.

He brought us play by play commentary, live from the game, giving fans a dissection of the game at no cost to the fans.

Vic has to endure much going into last years draft as Tim Tebow was a hot topic for the Jaguars. Vicbow was born, and the line, "I wouldn't worry about that," became the running line that filled ask Vic Columns for months.

Vic never wore a Jaguars Jersey, but he bleeds teal just as much as Fred Taylor and Tony Boselli, Jaguars who left the organization before him. 

Friday, February 4th will be his final "ASK VIC'' as he departs for Green Bay.

Vic, you are an inspiration to Jaguars fans and all fans alike. You brought the Jaguars fans coverage that fans dream of for their own teams and we're thankful for all that you've done for us. Your loyal fans will continue to follow you through as you start anew for Green bay.

You will be missed and remembered for all you've done.