Once the Dust Settles: Week Two, Hold on to the Damn Ball

Joe WillettSenior Writer ISeptember 16, 2008

Another big week in the NFL.  A few injuries, a few upsets, a few major mistakes on average plays.

Here is what is making me talk once the dust has settled.

Hold on to the Damn Ball

There were three big fumbles just last night that really made me think, "In such a big game, on such a major stage, how can they make these mistakes?"

The one that impacted the game the most was Tony Romo's fumbled snap in the endzone.  What hurt for the Cowboys was that, instead of just falling on it and accepting the safety, he tried to make a play and ended up giving up seven.

This one had to bring back bad memories for Cowboys fans, as Romo had that botched snap that cost them the game.  Also, both times, he tried to make a play and failed.

The most notable gaffe of the night was DeSean Jackson's bonehead move.  As he was scoring a touchdown, he dropped the ball just inches from the goal line and lost the touchdown.

This had to bring up bad memories from his high school classmates that saw him do the same thing under the Friday Night Lights.

The most surprising was the botched hand-off between Donovan McNabb and Brian Westbrook.

These two have worked together for years and they can't get a simple hand-off right?

The Injury

Instead of going through a bunch of injuries, I am just going to highlight the biggest.  Last night, Roy Williams fractured his forearm and is expected to miss at least three games.

What is this, a recap of last night's game?

Sure is Disappointing

LaDainian Tomlinson didn't play much Sunday and his performance so far this season has been extremely below par.  However, just remember last season when he started slow but came up big time at the end of the season.

Chad Pennington was pegged as an accurate short passer who doesn't turn the ball over.  That image was hurt with Sunday's horrible performance.

50% completion percentage?  No touchdowns?  Two interceptions?  112 yards?  Bad game from the man trying to rejuvenate the Dolphins' season.

JaMarcus Russell hasn't been progressing as well as hoped.  Against a Kansas City secondary that gave up a good game by Matt Cassell, Matt Cassell everybody, JaMarcus Russell goes out there and, well, I'm not sure stinks it up is a strong enough word.

He had the worst quarterback ranking in the NFL for Week Two without throwing an interception, but completing just over a third of your passes is going to do that to you.  Oh yea, the 55 yards didn't help either.

How does if feel to know that you just pulled the rug out from under every bodies feet on Sunday with under 50 yards and just three yards per carry Michael Turner?

Really Kyle Orton?  You can't throw the deep ball so you are just going to hang your hat on your 149 yard game?

Way to Go...

Kurt Warner tore it up Sunday, with his 361 yards, three touchdowns, no picks, and most impressive, your perfect quarterback ranking.

Matt Leinart better get used to sitting on the bench if Warner can play like he did on Sunday.

J.T O'Sullivan stood in the face of pressure and had a big game.  He was sacked eight times but he still tore apart the Seahawks defense, with no turnovers, one touchdown, and 321 yards.

Darren McFadden on having a HUGE game.  We mentioned J-Mac earlier, but thanks to D-Mac, the Raiders were able to snatch a win in Week Two.

How did McFadden do it?  164 yards will do that for you, and so will 7.8 yards a carry, and so will the touchdown run.

Looking Ahead

Brian Griese makes a surprise start against the Bears in an early return to the team that cast him away during the off-season.

Back with the Bucs, Griese is going to be starting in the home opener for the Chicago Bears.

Will Matt Cassell ever get tested?  He goes up against a bad Miami Dolphins team this week, so he will probably continue to look good.  I'm curious to see what he does to a good team.

Sunday Night Football is going to be big, as the Green Bay Packers take on the Dallas Cowboys.  We get to find out if the Lions are really that bad after Aaron Rodgers big day in Detroit.

The Jaguars and Colts have both been playing below expectations, so it will be interesting if they can both shake off the dust this week as they play each other in Week Three.

I'm Joe W.

Joe also writes for Hoops4Life.com, a basketball fan's site.