Great One: Some of The Rock's Greatest Moments

RiZESenior Writer IJanuary 24, 2011

Great One: Some of The Rock's Greatest Moments

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    The first third generation WWE Superstar The Rock has amassed millions of fans across the globe. The Rock is arguably the best mic worker, most popular, and greatest WWE Superstar ever.

    Even Chris Jericho agrees with the above statement.

    Like Austin, Rock possesses way too many great moments for anyone to list.

    Hence the title, some of The Rock’s greatest moments.

    Enough with the small talk, let us start the show!

The Rock Returns From Hollywood

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    The Brahma Bull makes his long awaited return to the WWF. At WrestleMania X-7, Vince McMahon aided Stone Cold Steve Austin in defeating the Rock for the WWF Title.The Peoples Champion demanded a rematch the next night on RAW. After refusal by McMahon, Rock applied the Sharpshooter to the boss.

    Vince gave in and granted The Rock’s rematch request. He was told he would be fighting in a steel cage. Moments away from victory, McMahon screwed The Rock again. Rock was beat down by Austin, McMahon and Triple H.

    The next week, McMahon announced that he suspended The Rock.

    In his absence, The Alliance began their domination of the WWF Roster. Along with the addition of Austin, The Alliance was unstoppable. This forced McMahon to life the suspension of the Great One. Shane also voiced his intentions to persuade Rock to join the Alliance.

    With that being said, watch the video! 

    Be sure to view part two for the rest.

This Your Life

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    You know what this is!

    The highest rated segment in RAW history, The Rock n Sock Connection in This is your life. Both men displayed their comedic gold in the segment.

    Watch the video and check out part two.

Six Man Hell In a Cell

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    This promo speaks for itself. The Rock was going against Kurt Angle,. Austin, Triple H, Rikishi, and The Undertaker in an Armageddon Hell in a Cell match. One week before the Armageddon PPV, The Rock decided to address his opponents.

The Rock Wins His First WWF Championship

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    This match ended with Rock winning his first WWF Title. Being a part of the Nation of Domination as Rocky Maivia, Maivia’s character developed once the Nation split. Rock was indeed a heel but his segments were so popular, The WWF had no choice but to change Rock into a face.

    This propelled Rock to the WWF Championship in a match at WWF Survivor Series 1998.

    Besides his win, the match was also a very significant part of WWE history. Going into the match, The Rock was a face while Mankind was a heel. A double turn occurred when Rock applied the Sharpshooter to Mankind.

    Vince McMahon called for the bell without Foley tapping, parodying the Montreal Screw Job from a year before.

The Prelude

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    This promo led to the Icon vs. Icon match at WrestleMania X-8. Fresh off a win against The Undertaker, The Rock made his way to the ring after Hulk Hogan’s nefarious comments. Hogan blamed the WWF fans for his departure and signing with World Championship Wrestling.

    When you insult the people, who better than the Peoples Champion to defend them?

    This was a superb confrontation/segment by both of these legends. The segment ended with The Rock challenging Hogan to a match at WrestleMania Eighteen.

    This event is significant because of the unbalance of the fan reaction.

    Some cheered for Hogan only to change to the Rocky chants.

Big Slow!

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    Let us keep it rolling with another display of Rock’s comedic genius. The Big Show was still on a crusade to prove that the Rock’s feet hit the floor first during the 2000 Royal Rumble. Show attempted a power slam on Rock only for him to seemingly reverse it and throw Big Show over the top.

    Videos and a witness would be a waste once Show learned the decision of Rock winning the Rumble could not be reversed.

    The Rock cut this promo after weeks of verbal and physical assaults by Show. 

Austin's Funeral

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    I was fascinated by this because it was supposed to SCSA funeral. Austin regained the WWE title from Rock at WrestleMania X-5.

    Problem is, Austin wanted his Smoking Skull Title instead of the actual WWF Championship. The Rock gained possession of the title from McMahon and Austin pursued Rock. A week before this segment, Rock threw Austin over a bridge.

The Prelude. Part Two

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    This segment took place one night after The Rock defeated Kurt Angle to regain the WWF title. Austin had already won the 2001 Royal Rumble and ended his feud with Triple H. After Rock insulted Kurt Angle for his comments on losing the WWF title, he sent Angle an open invitation to the ring.

    Austin showed up instead.

    You could cut this tension with a knife. Austin attempted to intimidate The Rock only for him to return the favor.

The Rock and Y2J

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    When you put two of most charismatic stars in WWE history in one segment, this is what you get!

The Rock and His Hurricanes

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    The reason I included this because of its comedy. Along with that, it is rare to see a main event even competing with a lower mid card wrestler. The Rock even lost a match to the Hurricane. Nonetheless, it was still a classic Rock segment.

The NWO Falls at The Hands of The Great One

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    The New World Over believed they could insult The Rock without repercussions. Hogan asked The Rock for a picture so he could give it to his son. Hogan insulted The Rock and, classically, The Rock responded in his swift and hilarious fashion.


Just The Beginning

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    I had so much fun reliving these moments that I decided to make a part two. While it may take a few days, The Rock’s greatest moments part 2 is on the way. Besides that, Kurt Angle’s slide show is also in the closing stages.

    Be sure to look out for my other articles/slideshows coming this week.