San Diego Ticket Woes: Sticking It to Chargers Fans

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San Diego Ticket Woes: Sticking It to Chargers Fans
(Huge sigh of relief.)

Good thing the NFL was gracious enough to grant the San Diego Chargers and their fans (trying not to laugh here) an extension to sell the remaining 500 tickets to their Sunday playoff game, in hopes of avoiding a local TV blackout.

My point in writing this?

I don’t really have one. I’m just cold and vindictive—and love other people’s misery.

In fact, I only just barely managed to pull myself off the floor amidst my fits of laughter long enough to stick it to all of those "Charger Fans" (laughing again) who crucified me for an Chargers-Chargers_Charged_The_Shame_of_LaDainian_Tomlinson_and_Co_-271207">earlier piece on the Chargers and their poor attitude.

That’s right—I’m taking a cheap shot here because it’s soooo easy.

Seriously: How the hell can you not sell out a playoff game? What’s wrong with your fanbase?

I'd be embarrassed to call myself a Charger fan right now.

Don’t even give me that crap about, "It's the holidays," because I don’t see any other "elite teams" (laughing again) with this problem—and last I checked, the holidays are celebrated across the country.

So let the bashing start immediately upon this posting and continue right through 1:30 PM Sunday...because apparently none of you Charger "fans" will be at the game.

Will you even be watching on TV?

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