Bleacher Report NFL Power Rankings: Week Three

Shaun AhmadSenior Analyst ISeptember 16, 2008

Bleacher Report writers come together each week for the NFL season and decide on who belongs where for the “Bleacher Report NFL Power Rankings.” Writers vote teams up or down to come up with an unbiased, no-bull, to-the-point ranking system. 

The four-digit numbers beside each team are computed based on votes and show readers just how strong each team’s position is. Want to know how close your team was to being ranked in the top five, or how far ahead they are of the next guy? Simply look at the difference in the numbers to find out. 

That being said, go ahead and enjoy—or bash—the rankings!


1. Dallas Cowboys (.9375)

Will their regular-season dominance translate to playoff success? That’s all that matters and is yet to be determined. Great start though.  (Shaun Ahmad)

2. Pittsburgh Steelers (.8966)

Strong running and stronger defense. That’s been the Steelers’ identity throughout history. No reason for that to change now. (Angel Navedo)

3. New York Giants (.8744)

The Giants are playing the “no respect” card to the fullest, but give them credit—it’s working. (Shaun Ahmad)

4. Green Bay Packers (.8678)

Ted Thompson and Mike McCarthy smile big with Aaron Rodgers’ performances, but the defense needs to stop letting teams back into the game. (James Senbeta)

5. New England Patriots (.8005)

Underestimating this team is a mistake. (MJ Kasprzak)

6. Philadelphia Eagles (.7981)

McNabb looks to be back to pre-injury playing status, and he seems to be having fun again. (Tiffany Davies)

7. Denver Broncos (.7788)

Does anyone want to redo the first round of the 2006 Draft? Not Denver. (James Senbeta)

8. Indianapolis Colts (.7500)

If the Colts can recover from injuries quickly, they could reclaim their status as the team to beat in the AFC. (Shaun Ahmad)

T-9. Buffalo Bills (.7380)

Who would’ve thought the Bills would be atop the division with the Pats? The same person who thought Brady would blow out his knee, I’m sure. Start asking that guy for stock tips and lottery numbers! (Tiffany Davies)

T-9. Carolina Panthers (.7380)

I've been the biggest proponent of the "Delhomme peaked in '05" stance, but he's looking pretty good, even without his deadliest weapon. (Alex McVeigh)

11. Arizona Cardinals (.6106)

This offense is scary and the defense is opportunistic. (MJ Kasprzak)

12. Tennessee Titans (.5889)

With a home game against Houston, the Titans could easily be 3-0, despite all the drama. (Shaun Ahmad)

13. New Orleans Saints (.5697)

The defense was torched by Jason Campbell and Santana Moss. Reggie Bush looks to be coming into his own this season, but the Saints need to close games. (Angel Navedo)

14. San Diego Chargers (.5577)

Two last-second losses, but losses nonetheless. You can lose on the last play in the playoffs and go home just as fast as if it were a blowout. (Alex McVeigh)

15. Chicago Bears (.5505)

Kyle Orton manages the game and lets the defense and Hester (if he returns) do the rest. (MJ Kasprzak)

16.  New York Jets (.4952)

Same old Jets? Terrible coaching, weak execution, and abysmal punting made the Jets look like the 2007 team. Brett Favre, three tight ends with great hands, and they get stuffed three times on the goal line with a new offensive line? Not good. (Angel Navedo)

17. Tampa Bay Bucs (.4760)

Is this the end for Jeff Garcia in Tampa Bay? (James Senbeta)

18. Washington Redskins (.4399)

Jason Campbell looked as good against the Saints as he did bad against the Giants.  Which version will show up Sunday against Arizona? (Shaun Ahmad)

19. Minnesota Vikings (.4231)

Too talented for the end of the rankings, not good enough to be very high. Mediocrity, twin cities. Twin cities, mediocrity. (Alex McVeigh)

20. Baltimore Ravens (.3894)

Enjoy the bye week. Cleveland, at the Steelers, Titans, and at the Colts await you. (Shaun Ahmad)

21. Jacksonville Jaguars (.3702)

David Garrard doesn't have the same magic as last season. He's forcing balls when he shouldn't. Jags are still a good team with a patchwork offensive line. They will hit a stride eventually. (Angel Navedo)

22. Cleveland Browns (.3197)

Two “must win” road games are next (Baltimore and Cincinnati). A 2-2 record going into the bye week could give the Browns a chance to get back on their feet.  (Shaun Ahmad)

23. Atlanta Falcons (.2524)

The Falcons responded to a great opening-day performance with an uninspired second week. The running game, which looked so dominant a week before, failed to amount to anything as Ryan tossed two interceptions. (Angel Navedo)

24. San Francisco 49ers (.2308)

O’Sullivan has been sacked 12 times in two games. What’s the over/under on games before he’s hanging with Alex Smith on the IR? I’ll take the under on whatever it is.  (Shaun Ahmad)

25. Houston Texans (.2260)

If they can escape with two wins out of their brutal first four games (lost to Pitt, @ Tenn, @Jax, Indianapolis), they’ll be alright. (Shaun Ahmad)

26. Seattle Seahawks (.2139)

So they're decimated with injuries. Their inability to even look competitive has to be a cause for concern in Seattle. (Angel Navedo)

27. Oakland Raiders (.1923)

McFadden is legit. JaMarcus? Not so much, if you ask me. (Shaun Ahmad)

28. Detroit Lions (.1274)

Hope you’re ready to bring out the paper bags. (Tiffany Davies)

29. Cincinnati Bengals (.0938)

Carson Palmer passes for 233 yards and three interceptions in two weeks? The Bungles are definitely back and Marvin Lewis will not be. (James Senbeta)

30. Kansas City Chiefs (.0745)

No quarterback, a running back at the tail end of his usefulness, a depleted D, and did I mention they play in Kansas City? Hop on the 2009 Royals bandwagon now, folks. (Alex McVeigh)

31. Miami Dolphins (.0697)

"Hey, at least the weather's nice. Right guys? Guys?" (Alex McVeigh)

32. St. Louis Rams (.0481)

How you can have Marc Bulger, Steven Jackson, and Tory Holt but still manage to score only 16 points in two games is beyond me. (Shaun Ahmad)

A special thanks to all those who participated and will continue to participate in the future.  Also, a sincere thank you to Angel Navedo for providing the picture used in this article.


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