Jovan Miller Story: A Blessing in Disguise

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Jovan Miller Story: A Blessing in Disguise
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Jovan Miller was a 3-star athlete for football, according to As Miller was finishing up his senior year of high school while playing his second sport, lacrosse, he was receiving a lot of attention from schools for his football talents.

“I really thought that I was going to play football in college. That I whole year I was preparing myself to play football,” Miller said.

“Then a whole bunch of stuff just kind of fell through. It was at points and times where I thought I was going to different colleges but I never completely got there. I thought I was going to go to North Carolina and the whole recruiting staff got fired. I thought I was going to Rutgers and they offered the scholarship to another kid. It was a lot of stuff like that,” Miller said.

Miller then began thinking about his future, where he began to have questions like some high school seniors have: what are they doing after high school? Where are they going?

In the meantime Miller was having a very successful senior year of lacrosse, though he didn’t realize how much attention he was getting. “I had no clue that in the recruiting stage at the time that I was becoming that big of a commodity," he said.

"The best thing about it was when the football stuff fell through. I at least knew that I had something to rely on in the back of my mind. So it actually was a big blessing in disguise.” A blessing in disguise indeed as Miller was gaining the attention of a powerhouse lacrosse team, the Syracuse Orange.

Now things were turning around for Miller as he was going to commit to Syracuse. Though when he committed to Syracuse they didn’t have any money left, so as a result Miller was still on their team but as almost as a “walk-on” as Miller described.

Miller wasn’t done there as he was getting ready to take a big step as the jump from high school lacrosse to the college level is a big jump and it’s an even bigger jump at the Syracuse level. “My biggest burden was my mindset,” Miller said. “So I think the biggest thing was for me was to get over the psychological stuff in order to play at the collegiate level.

“So as I was training, I was actually doing more than training, I was actually more or less getting myself psychologically ready to handle all the adversity of being in college.

“So in the back of my mind, whenever I’m training, running, lifting or anything, the biggest thing I can think of is that there’s a lot of people out there working as hard as me. So the biggest thing to know is that in the back of your mind, that one day it’s going to pay off.”

The Final Question

Mike Ortiz: You won a national championship your freshman year, and then your sophomore year, then your junior year you guys fell short. What are you guys trying to do for your senior year?

Jovan Miller: Pretty much, man, you come in you win a title right away, I think that’s all you can really settle for at this point. But I have to say definitely a national championship. You know, Big East title that was cool and stuff, having 10 All-Americans this year, but nothing beats a national championship.

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