Week Two NFL Power Rankings and a Look Into Next Week

Benjamin ClarkContributor ISeptember 16, 2008

Two weeks into the season, the Steelers are holding their position at the top of the rankings.  However, there are a number of teams staring them down.  These rankings are based on a complex formula that takes into account a number of factors related to on-field performance. 

1.  Pittsburgh Steelers (previously ranked #1) 2-0: The Steelers held their ground with a solid defensive effort on the road against the Browns

2.  New York Giants (3) 2-0:  The G-men were impressive against St. Louis on the road and are just six power points behind the Steelers.

3.  Tennessee Titans (4) 2-0:  Strong defensive performance on the road is one surefire way to gain power points.

4.  Dallas Cowboys (2) 2-0:  Despite their very impressive showing against the Eagles, the Cowboys gave up a lot of points and yardage.

5.  Tampa Bay Bucs (6) 1-1:  They move up a slot after pounding Atlanta and bringing Matt Ryan back to Earth.

6.  Buffalo Bills (5) 2-0:  Drop down a spot after the Bucs performed a little bit better last week. 

7.  Green Bay Packers (9) 2-0:  Did a great job of taking the game back when the Lions had stolen the lead late.

8.  New England Patriots (10) 2-0:  Impressive first start since high school, Mr. Cassel. 

9.  Carolina Panthers (8) 2-0:  Came back to take the game from Chicago.

10.  Arizona Cardinals (15) 2-0:  First 2-0 start since 1991 for the Cardinals - let's see if they can keep it up.

11.  Washington Redskins (17) 1-1:  Had a strong game against the Saints.

12.  Philadelphia Eagles (11) 1-1:  Very impressive game but couldn't pull out the victory and gave up a lot of points.

13.  San Diego Chargers (7) 0-2:  Need to pick up the pieces fast if they want to make a playoff run.

14.  San Francisco 49ers (24) 1-1:  Upset of the week was the 49ers over the Seahawks so they get a big boost here.

15.  Denver Broncos (21) 2-0:  The runner-up to upset of the week - Jay Cutler is looking better and better every game.

16.  Jacksonville Jaguars (13) 0-2:  Another team that needs to get it together soon or forget about the Super Bowl year.

17.  Seattle Seahawks (12) 0-2:  Disappointing start to Holmgren's final year with the club.

18.  Indianapolis Colts (20) 1-1:  Player of the week was Peyton Manning - what a comeback to get the Colts back to .500.

19.  Chicago Bears (18) 1-1:  Looked more like the Bears we were expecting in the 4th quarter against the Panthers.

20.  New Orleans Saints (14) 1-1:  Need to become more consistent if they want to live up to their potential.

21.  Atlanta Falcons (16) 1-1:  Now that's how a rookie QB is supposed to play.

22.  Detroit Lions (19) 0-2:  Could Matt Millen finally be on his way out this year?

23.  New York Jets (23) 1-1:  Favre threw his first interception as a Jet and the team lost.

24.  Miami Dolphins (22) 0-2:  Lost soundly to the Cardinals.

25.  Houston Texans (25) 0-1:  Thoughts and prayers go out to all those affected by Ike.

26.  Baltimore Ravens (26) 1-0:  See above.

27.  Oakland Raiders (30) 1-1:  If they keep running like they did against the Chiefs, Lane Kiffin might make it through the season.

28.  Minnesota Vikings (27) 0-2:  Tarvaris Jackson is not the answer at quarterback.

29.  Kansas City Chiefs (29) 0-2:  And the locker room drama begins with Larry Johnson upset about his number of touches.

30.  St. Louis Rams (28) 0-2:  They've had the two worst performances in the league thus far.

31.  Cleveland Browns (31) 0-2:  The offense needs to come to life or else.

32.  Cincinnati Bengals (32) 0-2:  See above.

And the predictions for the upcoming week (winner in bold):

#29 Kansas City @ #21 Atlanta
#27 Oakland @ #6 Buffalo
#5 Tampa Bay
@ #19 Chicago
#9 Carolina @ #28 Minnesota
#24 Miami @ #8 New England
#32 Cincinnati @ #2 New York Giants
#25 Houston @ #3 Tennessee
#10 Arizona @ #11 Washington
#20 New Orleans @ #15 Denver
#22 Detroit @ #14 San Francisco
#30 St. Louis @ #17 Seattle
#31 Cleveland @ #26 Baltimore
#16 Jacksonville @ #18 Indianapolis
#1 Pittsburgh @ #12 Philadelphia
#4 Dallas @ #7 Green Bay
#23 New York Jets @ #13 San Diego

Last week:  13-2, Overall:  23-8


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