Why Monday Night Raw is Flat

adam smereckiCorrespondent ISeptember 16, 2008

As of late Monday Night Raw has been flat. The show seems as if it has been thrown together at the last minute. The story lines are ill conceived and for a lack of a better term, boring.

The latest WWE draft really has done the show no good. The Rey Mysterio draft pick has not worked out like I am sure the creative team wanted it to. Mysterio's storyline with Kane is lacking and at this point seems like filler.

The injury to John Cena really hurt the show considering his feud with Batista was just starting to heat up.

Mike Adamle is absolutly the worst GM in history. His "bumbling idiot" persona would be acceptable if it didn't seem like a shoot.

The title picture on RAW is a total mess. I am not saying that Chris Jericho is a bad champion but the title was just thrown on him. It is painfully obvious that he will be a transitional champion. The Jericho feud with HBK was a major bright spot for RAW, so it seems necessary that the feud has to involve a title. The problem is where does CM Punk fit in to this? Punk has been totally buried without even getting pinned clean for the title.

So where does RAW go from here? Batista most likely will be the number one contender for the World Title but does a fued with either Jericho or HBK seem interesting? Batista has fueded with both already. An HBK title run does not seem likely after No Mercy so it looks like Jericho is stuck with title until Batista takes it from him.

With John Cena still out, RAW needs Randy Orton back in the title picture ASAP. Batista will need an opponent soon.

When it's all said and done RAW will be back to normal once these injuries get sorted out.