The Beast in the East: NFC East Proves to be the best in the NFL

Kody BrannonCorrespondent ISeptember 16, 2008

The beast in the east has awoken. Last night's thrilling game between the Cowboys and the Eagles has proven that the NFC East is the best conference in the NFL. A game has never had so many different twists and turns. One half was an all-out track meet and the second half was a test of who could avoid the last mistake. Also, wins by Washington and the New York Giants helped the division's cause.


Add in the play from rookies DeSean Jackson and Felix Jones and you can safely say that there is a long term look within the division. The weakest team in the division looks to be the Washington Redskins and they will probably have a better record than most of the second place teams in other divisions. With that kind of competitiveness from top to bottom, it will make coming out of the division with no injuries a tall task for everyone.


As long as the games stay exciting between division foes, the TV networks will have some of the best ratings during those games. And football fans all over the country will rejoice. While parity is running rampant in the NFL, it is a breath of fresh air to see that parity doesn’t mean that good teams come down to the weaker ones, it means the weak teams are getting stronger and coming up to the good teams, especially in the NFC East. Even though it is only Week Two, I am scared to think how brutal this will get once we get to Week 12.


It is a safe bet to think that your eventual Super Bowl Champion will come out of the East. And after last night, the front runner is the Dallas Cowboys. I can’t wait to see what the rematch with last year’s champion, the Giants, will bring.