Showing Some Motor City Love: Detroit's Dominance Goes Unheralded

Duffy Ross@duffyrossCorrespondent IJanuary 4, 2008

I noticed some very interesting records when I opened my newspaper this morning.

Record of the Detroit Pistons: 25-7, second best among Eastern Conference opponents.

Record of the Detroit Red Wings: 30-8-3, tops among Western Conference foes.

So I had myself a good chuckle in between sips of coffee, and wondered how the East Coast media could have missed these impressive records—considering how they have been falling all over themselves recently, what with the success of the Red Sox, Patriots and Celtics.

Now granted, I surely don't want to take anything away from the fans in Beantown, but I think it's time to spread a little New Year's cheer to the fans in Detroit. Boston aside, there isn't a sports town in America that has enjoyed the success Detroit fans have in recent years.

• The 2005 Major League Baseball All-Star Game.

• The 2006 Super Bowl (Super Bowl XL).

• The Detroit Tigers heartwarming run to the 2006 World Series. Oh, and I hear they made a little trade recently to shore up the rotation and the batting lineup.

• The Pistons run through the Eastern Conference year after year, and their 2004 NBA title.

• The Red Wings and the three Stanley Cup banners hung in the rafters of Joe Louis Arena in the last decade.

While we'll leave the hapless Lions off to the side, I could go on and on—the WNBA's Shock, NCAA championships for the University of Michigan in football, hockey, and women's softball, and Michigan State University in men's basketball.

Enough said ...

It just made me pause—especially when reading where the NBA media is ready to crown the Celtics already.

Yes, they currently hold the NBA's best record—at an amazing 27-3.

Oh, but one of those losses was to the Pistons. In Boston, by the way ...

The rematch is this weekend, at the Palace of Auburn Hills.

Watch out, Boston fans—old habits die hard.