2-0 Enough Reason to Bill-ieve? History Can Shed Some Light on That

Nicholas SpoljaricContributor ISeptember 16, 2008

After doing some research, fans will find that the Bills have started out 2-0 in 2000, 2003, and 3-0 back in the grandeur days of Jim Kelly. Needless to say, those confident explosions only once lead to anything meaningful and not leaving the Bills drafting in the top 15. So that rose-red “playoff” bandwagon might be premature.

Of course the 2008-2009 season offers Bill-ievers plenty of reasons for enthusiasm. For starters the offense is being lead by Trent Edwards, whose play is in ways reflecting that of Jim Kelly. Doubt that statement? The numbers will back me up with a career high 80 percent completion rate, a QB rating of 119.8, accompanied by 16 complete passes in a row(carried over from the Seahawks game) in Jacksonville.

This is coming from a die hard Losman fan.

That aside, Turk Schonerthas looked like a complete genius with the play calling involving everyone from Josh Reed to Freddy Jackson. The defense lead by hard nosed, play without a hat just to make the tackle Donte Whitner have looked as stout as possible and the "Special Forces" unit consistently sets the Bills up for a chance to win/put the game away.

However, the word consistency is the word people need to focus on. If anything can be taken away from this weekend in the NFL is that there is still glaring holes in the NFL when it comes to keeping that status-quo.

—The almighty Fets, AKA Jets fall to the Brady-less Pats. In turn giving Pats fans hope in Matt Cassel.

—Jay Cutler can do whatever he wants with the ball and it will be considered an incomplete.

—The Chargers, Browns, and Jags once considered teams to beat if you want to make the playoffs, are 0-2.

—And the Bills can be one of only 10 teams in the NFL with a 2-0 record, and one of only five in the "stacked" AFC.

However, as aforementioned the Buffalo Bills have started just as fast, and just as electrifying in the past.

The 2000 season amounted to an 8-8 record and the 2003 season amounted to a 6-10 campaign. To believe that history is doomed to repeat it self is one thing, but to be overly optimistic in games where in all actually the Bills should have won is another.

Both squads the Bills faced were dinged up. And to be taken serious in this league you bury your opponents when you have the chance. Not a single team took pity on the injured Bills over the past two seasons.

Yet, if this build up is to be more than premature the Buffalo Bills can not look too much into beating teams with a combined record of 0-4. With the Raiders, Rams, and Cards on the horizon a 5-0 record seems all but within reach. Nevertheless in this league, guys like McFadden, Jackson, Boldin/Fitzgerald can quickly change those affluence of confidence.

So, before Bills fans become overly optimistic, commit to memory last season; games all but won were lost in final seconds. Thus, giving every last Bills fan a responsibility and that is to not put the cart before the horse. The Bills maybe a young blue-collar team, but keep in mind they are just that. YOUNG!

I would love to see the Bills be 5-0 at the BYE week just as much as the guy drinking beer and eating wings next to me, but knowing our gross misfortunes in years recent I will take a rain check for the bandwagon.