Ryan Dempster Can Win The Cy Young

Zack JohnsonContributor ISeptember 16, 2008

This week is probably one of the biggest series for the Cubs yet.

And the first game is against one of the top pitchers in the NL CC Sabathia. For the Cubs, they have there ace as well, Ryan Dempster.

If Dempster pitches as well as he has been as of late, then he can win tomorrow's game, and possibly win the Cy Young.

I know it could be a long shot but just look at his story. A closer last year who was sinking. Lou gave him a chance and put him in the starting position and he has done great job.

Webb is an amazing pitcher and everyone knows that, but when isn't he?

And CC came over from the Twins. If Dempster keeps up the good work, keeps pitching well enough. He will win that Cy Young.

If he doesn't, it is just because he is not known like CC, or Web, or Lincecum. His ERA and record are outstanding, and you cannot stop him.

Ryan Dempster, 2008 N.L. Cy Young winner.

Go Cubs!