Formula 1 In Singapore: Do We Really Need To Race at Night?

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Formula 1 In Singapore: Do We Really Need To Race at Night?

Yes, you read the headline right. This isn't an article about what happened in spa or
if Lewis Hamilton is an arrogant loud mouth or the best racer. Sorry, folks this one will be different.

We have our first ever night race in Singapore in 10 days time. The first NIGHT race.

The concept of driving at night is very interesting. Even in road cars, drivers are asked to be more careful while driving at night because of low visibility levels. Now, think about driving at night in a 750 horse-power car in a high speed race! Lets contemplate.

I AM one of those formula 1 fans eagerly waiting to see this gala event. But, some questions about this race do not stop poking me.

1. Why at night?

Though the event will likely be real eye candy, it could be a very risky affair. With street circuits already known for crashes and nudges in day races, won't running a street race at night increase those risks?

I admit that the lighting system could be spectacular, but I don't anything gives clear
vision as daylight does.

2. Is starting a night race contradicting the implementation of KERS and Bio-fuel?

Racing at night means BIG lights. With big lighting comes big use of electricity and fuel. In an era where talks of global warming and saving energy dominate, does this kind of an event fit in?

What do you think Bleacher Creatures? Wouldn't it be better to have it during the day (I admit it would jeopardize difference with GMT and TV timings all over the world, but there would have to be a way to make it work)?

The ball is in your court people. What do you think?

P.S. : None of the statements have been uttered by Lewis Hamilton or his family members! :)

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