Blog Poll Week 3

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Blog Poll Week 3
Week Three's Blog Poll is cooked and ready. After the jump you can check out the reasoning, or lack thereof, in ranking these fine institutions. Just like the rest of the ranking world, USC and Oklahoma reside in the rarified air of presumed BCS inclusion. On the flip side, four teams did their best to not impress, thus their exclusion for the next seven days or longer.

1 Southern Cal 1
2 Oklahoma 1
3 Florida --
4 Missouri 1
5 Georgia 1
6 LSU --
7 Wisconsin 2
8 Texas --
9 Penn State 1
10 Texas Tech 1
11 Brigham Young 4
12 East Carolina --
13 Oregon --
14 Alabama 3
15 South Florida 7
16 Wake Forest 5
17 Utah 8
18 Fresno State 2
19 Kansas 1
20 Auburn 4
21 North Carolina 5
22 Vanderbilt 4
23 TCU 3
24 Oklahoma State 2
25 Illinois 1

Dropped Out: Ohio State (#7), Arizona State (#14), California (#19), UCLA (#23).

Gone, baby, gone: The Buckeyes are out of the poll and I have a hard time believing fans can make much of an argument to the contrary. I cannot think of one good thing to say right now.

Collision course: Southern Cal and Oklahoma appear to be on route for a rematch of the 2005 Orange Bowl. Of course, Missouri will have something to say about that match-up if they meet the Sooners in the Big 12 title game. The SEC may be stocked with good teams, but the top 2 seem to be playing on a different level.

Conference call: At this point, the SEC and Big 12 dominate my blog poll ballot, with half of each league appearing in the Week 3 poll. The Pac Ten was sporting a five team lineup but this past weekend took a huge toll with Arizona State, UCLA, and Cal each experience inexcusable losses.

Upcoming implications: (6)LSU v. (20)Auburn, (3)Florida v. Tennessee, and (3)Georgia v. Arizona State highlight a tasty SEC schedule this weekend. The favorite is on the road in each game and divisional races start taking shape this Saturday.

This season’s Kansas?: North Carolina routed Rutgers on Thursday night with impressive balance. We may think Rutgers sucks and you are probably right, but that is why the Tarheels blew them out. I am not proclaiming greatness, but the Heels do not face another ranked opponent as the polls stand now. Their most difficult road game is at Miami.

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