Matt Cassel Is Not Tom Brady...But He's Not Bad

Alessandro LobalsamoCorrespondent ISeptember 15, 2008

There is absolutely no comparison to be made between Tom Brady and Matt Cassel that gives you the idea that they are similar.

They are not. Brady is more talented, more mobile, more confident, and by the end of his career, he will be among the best quarterbacks to ever play in the NFL. Matt Cassel is a backup that is filling in for the time being.

I'm not here to bash Cassel, as it may appear right off the pitch, this article is to actually highlight the attributes that make Matt Cassel not the worst thing that could have happened to the Patriots.

It was said best by Madden during a recent broadcast, "He is not gonna put up Tom Brady numbers, but he also isn't screwing up!"

Cassel is guarded by the same offensive line that was set to protect the multi-million-dollar business that is Tom Brady. Sure, he went down in the first game of the season, but normally that O-line can provide time and room for anyone to make a play in the pocket or otherwise.

The receivers that assisted in the destruction of so many defences last season and made Tom Brady hold almost every single-season throwing and scoring record are still there. Although Randy Moss and Wes Welker are not gonna have career seasons with Cassel throwing to them, they will produce enough to win.

Cassel is in a situation where he has all the tools to succeed, he would have to be Rex Grossman to mess this opportunity up, and due to his lack of an overly-strong arm, he will mostly make safer passes and utilize the run game.

His knowledge and protection will ensure fewer fumbles, interceptions, and sacks. He has learned enough from his Hall of Fame tutor to know these things and will not likely win games alone, but he will scarcely lose games for his team.  

Cassel knows the offence well, and he is now starting because of that. Tony Kornheiser, from PTI, can attest to why they are going with Cassel: It's due to his knowledge of the system. Why go out and get Daunte Culpepper and try and teach him a complex playbook?

Belichick has someone who is far more prepared and groomed to play in a system that he knows to be the ONLY system.

Cassel is a smart quarterback who does not have illusions of grandeur. He knows why he is playing. He knows that the organization, coaches, and players have faith in him. And he knows his limitations.

The only reason he did not start in college has now become obvious, due to the likes of Carson Palmer and Matt Leinart being the other QBs on his team. He sure did have a lot of time to watch them though, and then he gets drafted to become the backup to Tom Brady. This is seen as such a negative aspect. Is it though?

I, on the other hand, see this as the following: Cassel has never stopped learning. He had the fortunate experience to learn from three exciting quarterbacks, two of which normally lead explosive teams with a proven pass game, the other (Leinart) may be on the bench now, but his stubbly, aging competition is teaching him a thing or two for when it is his time to command the Cardinals' offence.

Expect the Patriots to keep on winning with their stout defence, slowly improving run game, where Sammy Morris is reminding people about his pretty darn good multiple 100-yard, TD games last year, a dangerously accurate kicker, and a future Hall of Fame coach/genius.

Matt Cassel has learned what to do and what not to do to become a successful QB in the NFL and due to Brady's season last year, he is trying to fill in the biggest shoes ever. He may not even remotely fit/fill them, but he will still be able to walk very slowly in them.