Goalkeeper Allegedly Uses Witchcraft During Match; Sparks Riots and Death

ThomasSenior Writer ISeptember 15, 2008

During a match between rivals Nyuki System and Socozaki, the goalkeeper for Nyuki allegedly used witchcraft in an effort to prevent his team from losing. His action sparked a brawl between the two teams and eventually the crowds were rioting.

What was supposed to calm the fans down only made things worse. Local police were called in to quiet the crowds. However, they fired shots into the air, starting a stampede for the exits.

During the stampede, 13 people were killed and many more were injured. Most of the victims were children between the ages of 11 and 16. On Monday, teens and other people demonstrated in the city against the goalkeeper and police.

Sadly, things like this happen regularly in Congo. The incident occurred in an area known for violence, especially between soldiers and rebels. The government is investigating this incident.

The goalkeeper may have thought he was helping his team, but he should have known that it would scare people. Any player that wishes to hurt another player on the opposing team should not be playing. This goalkeeper should be punished in some way.

This incident is only a product of what people in Africa believe. People there believe in animism and witchcraft. It's worse than using garlic to scare a vampire. They use animals' blood or heads to protect themselves. Sometimes, they get a witch doctor to put a spell of protection on them. It's a scary thing and something that shouldn't be messed with.

I know some people think that witchcraft is dead. I'm here to say that it's very much alive in places like Congo and Haiti. Sadly, it's a very real thing that hurts people. May the victims rest in peace.