Why the Green Bay Packers Might Lose to the Dallas Cowboys on Sunday Night

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Why the Green Bay Packers Might Lose to the Dallas Cowboys on Sunday Night

College football fans circled the third weekend of the schedule. Two top-five teams met in the Los Angeles Coliseum, a mecca of the sport, on a national stage.

After tonight's Monday Night Football game between Dallas and Philadelphia, NFL fans are circling the third weekend of their favorite schedule, too. Two top-five teams will meet in a professional football mecca in Green Bay's Lambeau Field on the same national stage.

The parallelism between these two games goes even deeper than this. In each case, the two teams involved were steeped in tradition, and coming into the game, the two teams involved were championship contenders.

Dallas' amalgam of players this season resembles the Southern Cal program that can and will get any player it wants.  Beautiful cheer babes high kick on both teams' sidelines. Television cameras catch glimpses of celebrities on the sidelines and in the crowd at both Texas Stadium and the Coliseum.

And while USC isn't building any billion-dollar stadium like Jerry Jones and the 'Boys, keep in mind that, in Dallas, they're professionals.

Green Bay and Ohio State show a stark contrast to their competition.

The Packers and the Buckeyes take pride in a workmanlike character, reflected by the people who fill their stadiums. No, you won't find Snoop Dogg or Jessica Simpson at Lambeau Field or the Horseshoe. It's just not the place to be for them.

For the lifelong fans of both teams, though, it's the first and last place they want to be, whether it's on opening night or on a bitter, windy November afternoon. And while both squads have a platoon of cheer babes, they aren't quite as well-known (or good-looking) as those in Dallas and L.A.

This is why I'm worried about the matchup this weekend between the Cowboy/Trojans and the Packer/Buckeyes. After all the pregame hype, the players still decided the game on the field.

Hopefully, for me and for Packer fans across the country, the Tussle on the Tundra won't end the same way for the Packers as the Collision in the Coliseum did for the Buckeyes.

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