The Silly Season Parlor Game

Matt MercerCorrespondent ISeptember 15, 2008

The news today comes fast and furious in regards to what happens next season. Two stories could solidify what happens with Bill Davis, Gillett Evernham, Chip Ganassi, and Michael Waltrip for 2009. The way it looks now if everything holds looks like this...*

Gillett Evernham
No. 9: Kasey Kahne
No. 10: Reed Sorenson/Patrick Carpentier
No. 19: Elliott Sadler
No. 22: Sorenson/Carpentier
Or Chase Miller, of course...

No. 00: David Reutimann
No. 41: Michael McDowell? Dave Blaney?
No. 42: Juan Pablo Montoya
No. 55: Michael Waltrip (sigh)

The result is that Dodge loses the Ganassi team to Toyota, and Toyota loses Bill Davis' Cup operation. It solidifies GEM as the biggest Dodge team for 2009, and at least on paper, the combined resources of Ganassi and Waltrip could make some noise.

It didn't make sense for Ganassi and Evernham to merge, with Sorenson and Ganassi hating each other now.

Bill Davis Racing has a top-tier Truck team, and if he adds Michael Annett to the Nationwide Series, it could start to look the same there. He could become the Toyota talent incubator.

*of course, everything I've just wrote could not happen at all. Whatever.