WWE: The 25 Hottest Divas of All Time

Shane WilliamContributor IIJanuary 20, 2011

THE 25 Hottest Divas of All Time.

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    I know, I know, this is the most sexist thing ever.

    Yes, but aren't the WWE Divas employed to be hot and know how to throw a punch?

    Hah, I joke.

    I do support women's wrestling but sometimes a man just needs to be a man. I'm not objectifying these women, just complimenting them! So here's my list of the hottest Divas that have worked for the WWE (short or long) in order.

25. Jackie Gayda

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    To start off the list is Miss Jackie/ Jackie Gayda-Haas.

    Jackie won the second season of Tough Enough with fellow female competitor, Linda Miles.

    Jackie was thrown onto television immediately and it led to that match.

    Jackie then went to OVW, hung out with the Basham Brothers, got called up to be Rico's valet and was definitely a distraction to Rico's opponents. Like the one time when Jackie jumped onto the apron and flashed one of his opponent's her chest.

    Jackie was moved to SmackDown! with Rico and eventually teamed with her future husband, Charlie Haas. Jackie and Charlie are now part of a family. Charlie is still in the wrestling business but it looks like Jackie has retired.

24. Stacy Keibler

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    Do I really need to type for this one? Stacy, WCW, WWE, Test, Steiner, Orton, SmackDown, Dancing with the Stars. Just stare.

23. Eve Torres

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    Former Diva's Champion, Eve.

    BTW is she in the Diva's Championship feud?

22. Lena Yada

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    Lena Yada tried out for the 2007 Diva Search in which she finished third.

    She was then signed and almost immediately was on ECW as the backstage interviewer, and a dancer in the Diva contests. Her only match was the Groundbreaking 18 Diva match on RAW in which Mae Young's team won.

    She was reportedly released due to the signing of Gail Kim, insinuating that the WWE only needed one Asian Diva. Damn is Lena hot.

21. Natalya Neidhart

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    Natalya. Nattie. Natalie. Blonde. Red. Pink. Seriously it doesn't matter what you call her or what color hair she's rocking, shes a Neidhart. She can wrestle. And she's hot. And she's the current Diva's Champion.

20. Serena Deeb

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    Serena had one of the greatest Diva debuts I have ever seen. It was rumored that out of all the FCW Divas she was the only one willing to have her head shaved. Am I the only one, or does she look hotter?

    It's a shame the WWE released her, but she'll be TNA bound ...hopefully.

19. Winter

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    Freaky Hot.

    Katie Lea Burchill had one of the strangest Diva debuts. Debuting with her "brother" Paul, they were born into an incest storyline. That was until the WWE went PG, shipped them to ECW, got stuck in a hurricane, and released.

    Now Ms.Waters is TNA bound, and doing a pretty good job. Her new name is Winter, has a new psychotic character, and is still hot.

18. Tara

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    Wow, basically 40 now, the artist formerly known as Victoria, is now in TNA as Tara.

    Seriously, one of the best female wrestlers in America ... ever. She came into the WWE as the counterpart to Trish Stratus' blonde Canadian bombshell. Tara is now in TNA as a former Knockout's Champion with the equally hot Madison Rayne. I love Tara.

17. Angela Fong

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    Angela tried out for both the 2006 & 2007 Diva Searches.

    She was hired to a developmental deal after her recent try out. There she became the brightest rookie Diva in FCW. She was called up from FCW as Savannah to be the ECW backstage interviewer, turned ring announcer, turned RAW backstage interview for one night. Then released in the next couple of days. Hmm.

    Out of all the Divas in developmental, Angela had the most promising career. Angela was a Cheerleader in Canada, did tons of model work, was in some Indy flick with a topless scene, and got released once WWE found out about it. Sucks, but at least she's still hot.

16. Mickie James

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    I chose this picture because Mickie James is simply wearing denim jeans, and a camouflage bikini top, also flaunting a natural face with no makeup. And with that, Mickie is still damn hot.

    Mickie is a multi time former WWE Women's Champion, I believe second to Trish's title record. She was the focal point of the Piggie James storyline, which was amazing by the way.

    Is Mickie fat? No. Is Mickie skinny as hell? No, and that is why Mickie is so damn hot. Mickie James is that girl next door, which us fans love.

    And besides Shelton Benjamin's release, I believe Mickie had the most backlash maybe even more than Shelton's. But now she in TNA and bound to be the first Female Wrestler to become a Women's, Diva's, and Knockout's Champion.

15. Maria Kanellis

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    Welcome the first Playboy Diva to this list. Maria is hot.

    Should I end there?

    Haha, Maria is so hot that she was supposedly hand picked by the Donald to appear on Celebrity Apprentice. Maria is so hot that she will most likely (but hopefully not) be remembered as the last Diva to pose for Playboy. Maria is now a singer, doing a promotional tour with fellow former WWE Divas; Jillian Hall & Tiffany.

    Cool, but how hot is Maria? Really hot.

14. Tiffany

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    Do you know how tempted I was to make the Playboy pictures of Tiffany as the main picture? Really tempted, but I like writing her at Bleacher Report, so I'll try and stay within the guide lines. Tiffany is wearing a sinister Nun outfit and still looks effin' damn hot. The whole "Tiffany-Drew fight" in the summer got Tiffany released which sucks because Tiffany was showing such dynamic character on SmackDown and actually looked like she knew how to wrestle. Well now she'll be doing club appearances with Jillian & Maria. Hot.

13. Kristal Marshall

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    Kristal. Is. Hot.

12. Joy Giovanni

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    Everyone stand up and give it up for you 2005 Rookie Diva of the Year! Haha, anyone remember that competition at No Way Out 2005? Pretty bad, but she did give Torrie Wilson a basically naked massage which equals hot in my book. Joy was one Diva who actually exuberated personality even though she barely talked. Her little fued with Amy Weber on SmackDown was actually quite interesting and unique because it was wrapped into the World Title picture. Well Joy was released in the 2005 Summer purge. But she returned at WrestleMania 25 in which she was the first eliminated. But damn, she's hot.

11. Lita

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    Lita is one of the Legend Divas, and is a hot one at that. Lita delivered so much for the Diva's Division, yet was screwed by the machine known as WWE. Recent pictures have surfaced of Lita still being hot. Damn.

10. Melina

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    Worst. Heel. Turn. Ever. Seriously.

9. Torrie Wilson

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    Torrie was Kelly Kelly before Kelly knew she had a second first name. Made no sense, but I love it. Torrie was 'THE' Diva when she was in her prime. She did all the promotions, did Playboy twice, did countless magazine covers. Torrie is now coming out with her own fat burner, so everyone could look like Torrie.

8. Stephanie McMahon

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    I seriously have no idea what to say. We all know she's hot, we all remember 2001-2003 with her ginormous surgery. Can we all just comment and say Stephanie McMahon is hot? 

7. Layla El

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    The most curvacious Diva and it looks so good. Let me be serious here, Layla was one of the most improving this year out of any female wrestler in the industry, was awarded with being the last Women's Champion, which is a huge honor. You go Layla, you lil English Muffin.

6. Dawn Marie

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    Victoria was to Trish as was Dawn to Torrie. Dawn Marie was so sexy during her time on SmackDown, hell Dawn is sexy during any time any where. Her feud with Torrie lasted over a year and was vintage SmackDown. Dawn recently had a child, sued WWE, and is probably still hot.

5. Candice Michelle

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    The GoDaddy Girl, Playboy Cover Model, and WWE Diva. Thats a resume, and while she was in the WWE she won the Women's Championship. Is it me or was Candice an actually pretty good wrestler during the time she held the belt? I thought she was doing a tremendous job, up until she broke her clavicle in which it seemed like she never healed. But was still hot and still is, even after giving birth, Candice seemed to lose all the baby weight and be hot .. again.

4. Christy Hemme

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    Why was she fired? No offense but if your going to release dead weight in the Diva's Division in late 2005 why wouldn't you release Michelle McCool or someone like that who had no presence back then. But now Christy Hemme has made a new name for herself in TNA being hot, being a backstage interviewer, being a singer, and being hot.

3. Gail Kim

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    Gail Kim is the most underused talent in either wrestling company. Gail Kim was a star in TNA, making the Knockouts division stand out. When she returned to the WWE for financial reasons they treated her like the gum you find on the bottom of your shoe. How can you waste such a talented hot Diva like Gail Kim? Makes absolutely no sense.

2. Rosa Mendes

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    Just stare at the Glamazon In Training, Rosa Mendes.

1. Maryse

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    Do I need to explain? No I don't that's because Maryse is hot. Maryse is so hot. Maryse is the definition of hot.