The Brew Crew Makes a Drunk Mistake

Austin PennyAnalyst ISeptember 15, 2008

This is giving the organization an out.

They throw Ned Yost, who brought the Brewers from nothing to something, under the bus when their team is TIED for the wild card lead in the National League.

Why? Granted, the Brewers are on a skid as of late, and the timing of the streak is terrible, but to fire your leader when you're in the middle of a 'war' (no disrespect to those overseas, because baseball sure is not war) just doesn't make any sense to me at all.

What are they going to say if the Brewers tank the rest of the season and wind up missing out on a playoff spot by a handful of games? "Oops? Our team was struggling to get used to playing under a new manager?"

Yost is a good guy and a heck of a manager; he brought this team together and has put guys on the diamond who make plays and score runs. He has brought this team to the brink of the playoffs—somewhere they haven't been in 26 years. 

What's that worth to the management of the Brewers? A pink slip and a "thanks for the opportunity."

Who has counted the Brewers out that is not just simply nuts? If you ask me, any team with a guy like CC Sabathia trotting out to the mound a couple of times a week have great chances in the race until they are mathematically disqualified, which they are far from!

They are firing a manager who has coached youngsters like Ryan Braun, Prince Fielder, Corey Hart to be the players they are now. They aren't the greatest out there, but you also don't see anybody looking forward to pitching to them.

I think the Brewers have made a huge mistake. Sure, maybe they'll make the playoffs and have a decent run, but it's not like them making the playoffs will be because they fired Yost. They could make the playoffs playing .500 baseball for the rest of the season! It's not logical at all, and even Brewers GM Doug Melvin said "...I'm not sure I have all the answers. I'm not sure this is the right one, either."

To fire the guy who led you to a good position in the middle of September—IN THE MIDDLE OF SEPTEMBER is just not a good organizational move and I'll be very shocked to see the Brewer's players respond in a positive way to this. 

I predict them blowing the wild card and watching October from their clubhouse couch.