West Virginia-Colorado: Five Reasons Mountaineers Will Skin the Buffs

RG YohoCorrespondent ISeptember 15, 2008

Although it was certainly disappointing, I believe West Virginia’s loss to East Carolina may very well prove to be the catalyst that transforms a good Mountaineer football team into a great one.


Unlike many Mountaineer fans on the blogs and message boards, I am not ready to disown my team or to fire the coaching staff.


It's early in the season.  The defense is young and should get better.  No doubt the coaching staff will improve as well—and only a fool would realistically expect the transition from one coaching staff to another would be a seamless one.


One other thing I am not willing to do is to start longing for the days of a lying, ungrateful, disloyal, and self-serving piece of human garbage who was more concerned about his ego than the welfare of his team or the image of his home state!


An undefeated season is the only thing that has slipped from West Virginia’s grasp.  Embarrassed and humbled, this Mountaineer team and the coaching staff will regroup and come out strong against Colorado.  In this game you will see the Mountaineer squad that the country expected to see in 2008!


The Mountaineers will win this week because there is no better player in America than quarterback Patrick White!  He has not lost many games as a starting quarterback because he is an outstanding leader who hates to lose.  Proud as he is talented, White will lift this team on his shoulders and carry them to victory.


Five reasons why West Virginia will win:


1. Pat White—the most explosive player in college football—is a Mountaineer.

2. West Virginia is no stranger to night games on ESPN, and they always play well on weekday night games under the lights.

3. Colorado has not had much recent experience with weekday night games.

4. Pat White has never lost two games in a row in his college career.

5. The Mountaineers want this one more!


The Mountaineer offensive line was embarrassed in their game with ECU, and they believe they have something to prove.  For that reason, I expect to see Noel Devine have a breakout game running the football from the tailback position.  Colorado will have not an answer to West Virginia’s team speed.


Against ECU, the Mountaineer defense was particularly inept at stopping the Pirates on third down.  Head coach Bill Stewart is looking for guys on defense who will tackle effectively and administer some hits.  You will see them this Thursday.


West Virginia loves playing under the lights, and you will see the Mountaineers shining brightly on Thursday night.  Any victory on the road before a hyped-up bunch of fans in a nationally televised game is a great win!


The Mountaineers win, 28-24.