The 2008 Heisman Trophy Winner Is...

Kyle McDonoughContributor ISeptember 15, 2008

He is underrated. Highly underrated. He isn't talked about. He isn't even thought about. He is not a five-year senior, like the rest of the Heisman Trophy candidates. He's a sophmore. As a matter of fact, he set the all time freshman touchdown record last year. 

Now you may think you know who I am talking about, but reserve your judgement until the end. 

Tim Tebow? No repeat for him. My pick has four times as many touchdowns and three times as many yards as him.

Mark Sanchez? The Golden Boy? Pete Carroll doesn't have any tricks up his sleeve this year, as Mark has less touchdowns and a worse passer rating.

Graham Harrell? But it has to be him... He runs the spread offense, so he must put up the best numbers. Not a chance. My quarterback has more touchdowns and a higher QB rating than him, even though Graham has played National Championship Game caliber teams in Eastern Washington, Nevada, and Southern Methodist.

That leaves us with Chase Daniel, the chic pick for the Heisman Trophy. The feel good story of this year after his team was left out of the Orange Bowl last year,(a decision i still don't understand) Chase has to be my pick, right? He has another Heisman candidate in WR Jeremy Maclin, so he must be the one! WRONG. Sorry folks, but Chase also has less touchdowns than my pick.

So now that all the presumable best quarterbacks in the nation have been thrown down the drain, who is left? I'll give you some hints.

He is one-eighth Cherokee, was captain of his high school basketball team where he averaged a double-double, and oh ya... his team is ranked second in the nation.

Everyone, please meet your 2008-2009 Heisman Trophy winner, Mr. Sam Bradford.