Strikeforce Derailed By...A Door?

Kevin CurranSenior Analyst ISeptember 15, 2008

In the world of MMA there are many oddities and as a true fan is hardened by the strange accidents and mishaps he has seen, some of them still amaze. In fact, one of those cases recently happened at a Strikeforce event.

In a recent Strikeforce event, five fights were postponed because of a broken cage door. This is ridiculous on so many levels, but it should probably be broken down into baby steps of hilariously bad planning.

First, how can the door not be checked before fight time? It is a known rule that when fighting apparatus is faulty, commissions will disallow competition. It cannot be disputed. If a hazard such as this arises, it must be addressed. The CSAC did this swiftly and rightfully. Stupidity is the only excuse on Strikeforce's part.

Next, this type of thing has happened before! Strikeforce has had problems in the past with their cages, and as a top line MMA organization they cannot have repeat errors like this. In fact I can remember one fight wwhere James Irvin was driven through a cage in Strikeforce competition! Utterly inexcusable.

Lastly, nobody can fix a door? I mean, come on now. I've heard of "Is there a doctor in the house?"  How about asking for a repair man? Strikeforce should have had crew on the scene in the first place and even when a crew did show up, they could not even fix it in an alotted 15-minute intermission. This left the CSAC with no choice but to postpone the event.

The only reconciliation that a strikeforce fan has now is free tickets to the next show. That didn't even seem to console them as boos rained down from the bleachers incessantly. It's tough to stay on your game every night, but a solid effort would be appreciated. At least for the fans' sake.