Seattle Seahawks Draft: Why a QB in the First Round Is Not a Solution

Drew JacksonContributor IJanuary 20, 2011

Hasselbeck will return, what does the future hold for the QB position
Hasselbeck will return, what does the future hold for the QB positionAndy Lyons/Getty Images

There has been a lot of debate as to what should be done with Matt Hasselbeck over the past few years. Despite play that is degrading at a fast rate and a definite "over the hill" feeling that one gets when watching him play (aside from the playoff games where he thrived minus some dropped balls), Pete Carroll has decided to bring him back. A good move in my opinion.

Hasselbeck offers the possibility of being a mentor to any quarterback brought in this offseason. He has experience that would be invaluable to a young man still learning the ropes. That being said, I can't say I agree with taking a QB with our first round pick. Before everyone either stops reading or decides that this is correct, let me explain:

In the history of the NFL, the QB position has obviously become the most highly sought after and coveted by fans and GMs that seem to think the next Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, or Drew Brees will completely fix their team and take them to the Super Bowl. This is an opinion I used to be a part of. Until, that is, I looked at the history of the NFL and realised that it is indeed true that defense wins championships.

Look at Peyton Manning. despite being arguably the best QB in the NFL and previously possessing one of the best receiving duos in Harrison/Wayne (mix in Clark for an amazing trio) he's only been to two superbowl and only won one of them. The year they won, the season was not placed on Manning's shoulders. The defense prevented other teams from racking up points and a strong running attack allowed Manning to do what he's always done, he did not make mistakes and was efficient with the football.

This is also true of the Jets if you look at their roster. Does anyone actually think that Mark Sanchez is an elite QB to be placed among the ranks of Brady and Manning? I truthfully hope not (sorry Jets fans). Their defense and a strong run game led by the two-headed monster of LT and Greene is what has gotten them into the championship game and in that game whichever team plays better of defense and can run the ball will go to the Super Bowl.

The simple reason that a strong defense and good run attack can carry even a mediocre QB (see the 2000 Baltimore Ravens w/ Trent Dilfer at the Helm) is why the Hawks should forgo taking the popular pick that is the QB this draft, at least in the first round.

With a new cornerback, any offensive lineman not playing left tackle, or defensive lineman. With any of those positions filled, in order of the importance I believe, the Seahawks would have a very good chance at at least making it to the divisional round again, probably better.

Two of these needs could be filled, or lessened, in free agency through the acquisition of two of the best players to hit the market in along time imo: Logan Mankins and/or Nnamdi Asomugha. If Vince Young could also be picked up we would have the replacement QB, a shut down corner and a solid left side to run behind.

This not only allows for BPA to be taken in the draft, but also for a completely different Seahawks team to take the field next year. one that can run the ball (especially is we get a replacement RT and/or C) and can defend the pass allowing for an already good pass rush to have more time to get pressure.

Please keep in mind that these are not the only needs that I see on the roster, these are simple the greatest needs at this time and three that could be fixed through free agency and the draft.