Kim Clijsters and The 25 Biggest Bellies in Sports

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 Kim Clijsters and The 25 Biggest Bellies in Sports

Kim Clijsters has a belly.

This is different than a stomach or a six-pack. It is a cute little protrusion that affects many of us here in the states, including myself. But what separates Kim is her ability to play at the top of her game with the little bit of extra poundage.

But Kim is not the only one to play her sport with a few extra cans of Coors hiding under her shirt. No, the sports world is filled with those that continue to amaze us with their feats of athletic ability while reminding us that it's almost lunch time.

So here is to the best athletes in the world. These are the ones that look just like us mortal folk. These are the cats that make us believe we could go out and do the same thing they are doing. Let me stop you before you try. You can not.

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