Grading the Bears - Week 2

Max KienzlerAnalyst ISeptember 15, 2008

Breaking down the Bears 20-17 loss to the Carolina Panthers:

Starting with the OFFENSE:

Quarterback: C-

Kyle Orton did not win this game.  He did not necessarily lose it, but he was 1-9 when throwing the ball more than 15 yards and his final game stats ended at 19-32 for 149 yards. No TDs and no INTs. The 2 biggest mistakes happened when he 1) Overthrew Marty Booker who was wide open downfield after running right past the DB covering him and 2) On third and 1 with 2:03 left to go in the game, Orton audibled out of a running play and instead chose to throw it straight down the line to Booker but the cornerback, I think it was Lucas, read it perfectly and nearly picked it off.  2 costly errors bring the grade down.


Forte ended the game with 92 yards on 23 carries and 3 catches for 21 yards. McKie had a touchdown run but was stuffed on fourth and 1 that ended any chance the Bears had for a comeback. The duo blocked pretty well with the exception of a sack given up that looked like it was a miscommunication.  McKie was called for at least 1 hold, but didn't play to bad.

TE: D-

The reason they do not have a straight F is because Clark was his usual reliable self. 2 catches for 21 yards and included was some pretty good blocking for Forte. The only time i noticed Kellen Davis on the field was on the fourth and 1 play when whoever he was blocking went right across him and into the backfield to help stop McKie.  And that brings us to a Mr. Greg Olsen who had his worst day as a pro football player. He caught 2 passes for 7 yards and fumbled twice which led to 10 points.  What more can I say?

Wide Receivers: C

I am not really sure how to grade them. Rashied had a couple big drops, one at least that would have been a first down, but he did have a nice run of 17 yards. Brandon Lloyd had a couple nice catches. Marty got wide open downfield in the 4th but KO over threw him and Devin had 1 catch for a first down.  But look at the stats. Lloyd with 66 yards receiving and then Clark AND Forte with 21 yards receiving, McKie with 13 and then Rashied with 11.  You cant have your tight end, running back AND fullback each with more receiving yards than your number 2 receiver.  You just wont win a lot of games like that.

Offensive line: B+

I thought they did an excellent job against a pretty good D-line of the Panthers. They gave up only one sack and helped Forte have another good game. They were called for some stupid penalties but the major issue was again on the last offensive play, they were pushed backwards giving McKie no chance for a first down. You just can't have that.  Special mention: John St. Clair. Did you hear Peppers name called at all? I didn't.


Defensive Line: B

They were dominate at times, the made Delhomme scramble some. Idonije and Alex Brown both got a sack.  But they gave up 107 yards rushing, Johnathan Stewart having 77 of those yards plus 2 TD's. They also got help a couple times because the Panthers were churning out penalties the first half like they were going out of style.

Linebackers: C

Like Peppers, I am not sure I heard Urlachers name all game. Briggs made a couple nice plays but Hunter also got burned by Jeff King for a 23 yard pass that set up first and goal from the 1. They were around the ball a lot but did not play as well as I think that trio is capable of.

Defensive Backs: B+

Tillman had 6 tackles and an INT.  I thought Vasher did a decent job in coverage although they lucked out when a TD pass to Moose was negated by a holding call. Mike Brown timed a snap perfectly and was on top of Delhomme before the play had a chance to start. Payne had 5 tackles and showed he was capable of coming up and assist in stopping the run. Expect him to get better with time.


Punt/Punt return unit: B++

They do not get an A because Brad Maynard had 7 punts for a net average of 35 yards and only 1 punt inside the 20. And the coverage unit gave up a 31 yard return (They were solid otherwise).  Everyone else did well though. Vasher made a nice return late in the game to give us good field position. McGlover blocked a punt and Lloyd caught it and returned it for a TD. When Dev was in, he did not get a lot on the returns, but I was always excited. And this was with Adrian Peterson (IMO the best special teamer we have, inactive)

Field Goal/Kickoff Unit: A-

Even after Hester went out Manning showed some speed with a 36 yard return.  Coverage was solid. Robbie hit his only field goal and consistently sent the ball into the end zone on kickoffs.