Milton Bradley and the 25 Biggest Jerks in MLB History

Wes ODonnellFeatured ColumnistJanuary 20, 2011

Milton Bradley and the 25 Biggest Jerks in MLB History

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    While baseball as a sport has the least amount of physical contact amongst players, it seems to spawn some of the worst attitudes in all of sports.

    Football, basketball, soccer and hockey have their fair share of jerk players, but because they can take it out on each other with such force as a helmet-to-helmet hit, swift elbow to the ribs or face, a dirty slide tackle, or a check from behind followed by dropping the gloves; baseball players seem to be pent up with the most rage of them all.

    Breaking bats, charging the mound, throwing punches and destroying all objects in a dugout or clubhouse seem to be a few of the favorites on the field.

    Off the field, baseball players are no picnic either.

    Abrasive, bullying and generally uncomfortable to be around, these select players and managers are some of the worst of the worst.

    Ironically enough, a lot of the "jerkiest" players are actually pretty good.

    Here are the 25 biggest jerks in MLB history.

25. Babe Ruth

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    Baseball's most famous name was notorious for slugging baseballs; he was also quite the jerk.

    Babe destroyed beers, food and women just as he did baseballs. He chased women while being married and drank as much as possible.

    His numbers and talent were unmatched in the game at the time and he certainly used that to his advantage for just about anything and everything.

    The Babe was a jerk, but also loved his teammates, fans and most importantly, the game itself.

    He tried in his own way, but to the outside world, Babe Ruth was a jerk.

24. Randall Simon

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    Ahhhh Randall Simon.

    While playing for the Pittsburgh Pirates in 2003, he took his bat and struck the head of a sausage mascot running a race.

    The Milwaukee's Brewer sausage mascot was a female and she fell to the ground and was unharmed.

    Simon was arrested, fined $432 and suspended for three games.

    Any player who finds it funny to attack a mascot during a game deserved to be called a jerk, even if she was unharmed.

    Randall Simon, you are a jerk.

23. Rickey Henderson

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    Rickey is viewed exactly how he wants to be viewed: a character.

    Henderson is one of the best to play and he had no problem making it known.

    He was full of himself, reportedly talked in the third person, and was only happy when he got his way.

    Brash and cocky; there a multitude of unconfirmed stories regarding the legend of Rickey Henderson.

    One thing is for certain though, Rickey Henderson is a jerk.

22. Todd Jones

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    Todd Jones is not all bad, he worked hard and made the most out of the skills he had.

    In 2003, as a member of the Colorado Rockies, he made comments about homosexual baseball players.

    "I wouldn't want a gay guy being around me. It's got nothing to do with me being scared. That's the problem: All these people say he's got all these rights. Yeah, he's got rights or whatever, but he shouldn't walk around proud..."

    Jones is not the first, last or only player to feel this way, but goodness gracious.

    Todd Jones, you are a jerk man.

21. Dave Kingman

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    Abrasive, gloomy and downright unpleasant; Kingman was a feared hitter throughout the 70's and 80's.

    He was not generally liked and also pulled off quite the "practical joke" in 1986.

    The ballplayer sent a live rat to female sportswriter, Sue Fornoff, with a tag attached that said, "My name is Sue."

    He reportedly harassed her several times in the clubhouse and was fined $3,500 for the incident with the rat.

    Dave Kingman, you are a jerk.

20. Pedro Martinez

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    One of the most dominant pitchers to play in the past twenty years, Pedro is hated by a fair amount of people.

    He consistently ran his mouth and was not shy about his feelings in any way.

    In Game 3 of the 2003 ALCS, Yankees bench coach Don Zimmer charged at Martinez after the benches cleared over a set incidents. 

    Pedro halted Zimmer's charge by grabbing him up around the head and tossing the 72-year old to the ground.

    Pedro Martinez, you are a jerk.

19. Bobby Cox

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    The recently retired Braves manager was known for being a short tempered hot head throughout much of his career.

    He is one of the best to ever sit on the bench though, and his career numbers certainly show it.

    He is the MLB leader in game ejections though and you do not earn that distinction without knowing how to push an umpire's buttons.

    Bobby Cox was great, but could be a jerk too.

18. Kenny Rogers

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    Kenny Rogers attacked a camera man during pre-game warmups; ouch.

    The man shoved the two camera men to the ground and when they got up and tried to resume filming, Rogers put them down again and kicked their cameras away.

    The man was sent to the hospital and Rogers suspended for 20 games.

    He had to undergo a set of anger management classes and his class A misdemeanor assault charged was reduced to Class C.

    Kenny Rogers, you are a jerk.

17. Jose Guillen

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    Jose Guillen is a pretty solid baseball player but he hasn't lasted anywhere for too long.

    So far in his career he has played with 10 teams in 14 seasons; there is a reason for that.

    Guillen has had run-ins with teammates and managers and can simply snap at any minute.

    He is nearly impossible to play with and is as vengeful as they come.

    Jose Guillen, you are a jerk.

16. George Steinbrenner

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    "The Boss" is a baseball icon and he would do anything to win.

    That said, he made plenty of enemies along the way and was not always the most fair individual when it came to his team.

    He had run-ins with players and managers as well as an over-large ego.

    He wanted to win so badly that he simply had no choice but to a be a bully.

    Steinbrenner has his faults and it's quite simple, he was a jerk.

15. Kenesaw Mountain Landis

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    Kenesaw Mountain Landis was a federal judge before becoming baseball's first commissioner.

    His racist beliefs kept the game of baseball segregated for longer than need be.

    Jackie Robinson made his debut less than one year after Landis' rule came to an end with his passing in 1944.

    Kenesaw Mountain Landis my friend, you were a big jerk.

14. Darryl Strawberry

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    Darryl Strawberry was one heck of a baseball player, but he was always doing something stupid.

    He fought with teammates and coaches, missed meeting and practices, and then fell into bad drug situations.

    Strawberry's personal problems included missed child support payments, drug arrests as well as other run-ins with the law.

    He has since tried to straighten things out, but Mr. Strawberry, you were a jerk.

13. Randy Johnson

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    The Big Unit was just a big pain in the butt.

    He was great, no doubt about that, but his time in almost every organization ended some sort of nonsense.

    He sparked controversy in clubhouses, mostly cared only for himself and was never a reporter's best friend either.

    Johnson retired from baseball a year ago; he was a big jerk.

12. Carl Everett

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    Carl Everett has had his issues.

    The Bible-driven player believes only what it tells him; he once blamed "demons" for cheating on his wife while on the road.

    Has had several run-ins with management and has been known to become unruly if he was not in the lineup.

    He is no stranger to ridiculous remarks in the media and actually called the Red Sox organization racist and "full of lies".

    Carl Everett, you are a serious jerk.

11. A.J.Pierzynski

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    Arguably the most obnoxious player in baseball.

    Pierzynski is loud, brash and full of ridiculous nonsense.

    He is not liked by other players and is hardly management's best friend.

    A.J. Pierzynski, you are an obnoxious jerk.

10. Frank Thomas

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    "The Big Hurt" is a big pain in the butt too.

    He demands respect of levels that not even the best players ever receive, has never gotten along swimmingly with teammates and is simply a clubhouse problem.

    He's been called selfish throughout much of his career and has been always been a complainer.

    Frank Thomas, you are a Big jerk.

9. Roger Clemens

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    Where to begin with Roger Clemens?

    He was arguably the best pitcher to play the game.

    He is a liar, a cheat and has a terrible temper to boot.

    His involvement with steroids is an ugly blemish on the game and he deserves to be called nothing but a jerk.

8. Albert Belle

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    Well, well, Albert Belle.

    He may actually be crazier than he is a jerk, but it's all insane to say the least.

    Belle was a tremendous talent with an insane temper that erupted with the breaking of anything in sight in clubhouses.

    He could be set off at any time and it was reported that the Indians would bill him $10,000 per year for the damage he routinely caused in the clubhouse.

    Albert Belle, you are a mad man and a jerk.

7. Tommy Lasorda

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    Tommy Lasorda had a serious mouth on him.

    He was a fiery man with a lot to say and his prominent instance of jerkdom was when we scolded a reporter for asking his opinion on Dave Kingman (No. 21 on the list) and his three home runs against Lasorda's team.

    The answer sounded something like, "What the (beep) opinion (beep) three home runs (beep) opinion (beep) three home runs (beep) ask me something like that (beep), (beep), (beep) ...." (You get the point though).

    His time in baseball is now over and that explosion will almost certainly land him on the list of jerkdom for years to come.

6. Jeff Kent

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    You cannot find many players that Jeff Kent has not rubbed the wrong way. 

    He has always been the most insanely intense player with the intention that nobody else matters.

    He has fought with countless teammates, including No. 2 on this list, and will certainly never be invited to an umpire's birthday party.

    He is brash, loud and obnoxious, and feels it is his place to tell his teammates how to play baseball.

    Jeff Kent, you are a jerk man, a serious jerk.

5. Milton Bradley

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    Milton Bradley is dangerously close to being a truly insane person.

    He is uncommonly disgruntled all the time, is more liable to hit you as he is to hit the baseball and is always angry.

    Has almost always worn out his welcome where ever he goes and has been known to throw things around.

    He is, in every sense of the word, a jerk.

4. Reggie Jackson

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    Reggie Jackson was a phenomenal baseball player, but is close to the top of the list of jerks as well.

    Reggie thought he was as important as any person drawing breath on the earth.

    He was a self-centered player who had no problem causing issues in his own clubhouse.

    He was also a reported "sexist" along with all his bad on-field qualities.

    Reggie you were real, but you are also a real jerk.

3. John Rocker

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    We all knew this was coming. 

    John Rocker was a maniac.

    He belittled everyone from the city of New York to minorities and foreigners.

    He believed only in John Rocker and epitomized everything that one can hate in a person.

    Bud Selig tried to get him to do sensitivity training, he responded, "It was a farce. A way for the scared little man, Bud Selig, to get people off his a**."

    Yea, its safe to say that John Rocker is a complete jerk.

2. Barry Bonds

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    What is there to say about Bonds?

    Almost everyone hates him.

    He was one of the most intriguing baseball players we may ever see and it will be consistently disputed on whether or not he cheated.

    He was never kind to reporters or anyone that got in his way and eventually he just broke down.

    Bonds was just one big jerk.

1. Ty Cobb

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    The king jerk himself, Ty Cobb.

    Cobb was notoriously the nastiest player to wear a uniform.

    He was a racist and allegedly beat up a handicapped person in the crowd.

    He sharpened his cleats and raised them up on his way into bags and potentially rigged some games.

    There really are not many nice things to say about Cobb; he is the ultimate jerk in baseball history.