EPL: Why Are the Offers for Blackpool's Charlie Adam 'Insulting,' Mr. Holloway?

Michael Doyle@@michael92doyleContributor IIIJanuary 24, 2011

Blackpool manager Ian Holloway
Blackpool manager Ian HollowayAlex Livesey/Getty Images

Ian Holloway hasn’t been short of controversy and random comments so far in his tenure as a Premier League manager, yet he has turned heads more than ever with his remarks about efforts to buy Blackpool’s best player, Charlie Adam.

Whether he calls the offers from clubs “insulting,” or makes it clear that Adam should only be playing for the best clubs, such as Manchester United, he continues to surprise us.  

What I find strange is that Holloway seems to think that some decent results and a mid-table position for Blackpool come mid-January makes his team one of the bigger ones in the Premier League, and that Blackpool have the ability to look down on clubs such as Aston Villa, purely because of their positioning in the Premier League table.

He also seems to have lost sight of the fact that Blackpool F.C. is a business, and like every other team has to negotiate offers on a private basis to reach a sensible deal for both Blackpool, and the potential buyer of Charlie Adam.

Instead, Holloway thinks that any offer below Blackpool’s valuation should be complained about in the press, and stated that Adam is worth £46 million, the money received for staying in the Premier League for another season, before reducing this to £10 million, still way above the offers from other clubs.

This is all wrong for a few reasons.

Firstly, by saying that Adam is worth £46 million, simple mathematics tell us his valuation for the rest of the team is £0. Although I know this wasn’t a serious valuation, it is interesting to think how Holloway’s actions in the press are seen by other players.

Results such as the two wins against Liverpool didn’t happen just because Charlie Adam was on the pitch, but through the efforts of the entire team, and although I’m sure Holloway realises this, he isn’t showing it very well.

Secondly, whether Blackpool like it or not, they will have to sell Adam at some point, and he has never played better at any point in his career, so this transfer window would be a perfect time to cash in on the player, especially with financially fitter clubs interested in buying.

To make the most of this clear opportunity for Blackpool, they have to be serious in their negotiations with other clubs, something the bidders have done by keeping the business quiet but something Holloway hasn’t done well at all.

Thirdly, this will certainly make teams less likely to do business with Blackpool again, as they are likely to be humiliated should Holloway act in the same way once again, which could financially be a disaster should Blackpool be relegated either this year or next.

So take this bit of advice, Mr. Holloway, it is perfectly fine to reject offers below the clubs evaluation, but just don’t insult the bidding clubs when doing it—it could be dangerous for the football club. 


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