L.A. Lakers: Buckus Toothnail FAQs

Buckus ToothnailContributor IIIApril 1, 2011

As a well-known Lakers fan, I'm constantly asked by NBA veteran and newbie fans alike about my opinions of, well, EVERYTHING. 

Occasionally, this is fun if only to hear my own effortless brilliance, though most of the time it gets tiring, particularly when the fans asking questions are so unknowledgable of the game and Lakers history. 

So to minimize the disruptions to my life from these aggressive fans, I've constructed a FAQ that many will find helpful. 

Please, do refer to this first before you ask me of my opinions, as undoubtedly I've answered it countless times before.

Question: What was the better arena, the Forum or Staples Center?

Answer: The Forum, obviously.

Despite being in possibly the worst part of town that I ever visited, the Forum was a REAL arena.

One to get excited upon entering, if only to count your blessings that you weren't stabbed or mugged on the way in. It was part of this adventure that made watching the Lakers game so rewarding. You were thankful you were still alive.

The Staples Center, on the other hand, is so gentrified and commercial it's sickening. 

Though I do enjoy Katsuya across the street, everything else is typical "new" L.A.  In other words, phony and not Los Angeles at all. 

It doesn't surprise me that so many Lakers "fans" these days are not even from L.A., and they love it. The Midwest fans are the worst, but really, almost all of the transplants are disgusting.

Well, that's all the time I have for now. Your questions are already annoying me....again.  Though if you really must ask more, I might answer one of two later on. 

But remember, always check this FAQ before asking me another question I've probably answered a thousand times. 

Exciting for you I know, but not for me.