Ohio State-USC: Who's to Blame for 35-3 Buckeye Loss?

Andrew GallagherContributor ISeptember 15, 2008

This weekend's less than impressive game against USC got me thinking: Who's to blame?

Well, most people would say that it was Todd Boeckman's fault for being so bad, while others would say that it was Jim Hecock's fault for being such a bad defensive coordinator.

Personally, I think that USC was just all-around good.  It wasn't anybody's fault that Ohio State lost.

Sure the Buckeyes' O-line did terrible and Boeckman threw two interceptions, but all of that was because USC put so much pressure on the Buckeyes and was constantly in his face.

Some have said Ohio State isn't as good as they say they are, because they can't win on the national stage.  However, I believe that Ohio State has the talent to win—they just can't because they don't execute properly on offense or defense.

The Buckeye offense had only one dimension on Saturday with star running back Chris "Beanie" Wells out with a toe injury.  With Wells in, the Buckeyes had a better chance of matching the Trojans point for point, because a better running game will open up a better passing game.  

In essence, the Buckeyes' loss occurred because their star offensive player was out and because of failure to execute.