Smart Business Means Not Paying for Developmental Talent

Jason IovannaCorrespondent ISeptember 15, 2008

WWE no doubt treats their wrestlers as assets.  However, when you have assets sitting around and with nothing for the creative team to give them, they become more of a liability because they are sitting there getting paid to do nothing. 

Rather than making the company money and appreciating in value, they are an expense and leach off the shareholder's equity in the company.  What does the WWE do with them?  They wish them the best in their future endeavors.

Contrary to popular belief, this is smart on WWE's part.  WWE is not the venue to give people tryouts, which is why they have Florida Championship Wrestling.  Smaller venues, smaller crowds, and more breathing room for people making mistakes.  It also gives the creative team a chance look at the talent and see if they can make good storylines and market their personalities and athleticism.

The downside to this is that even though this is a less expensive route to see what wrestlers can make the company the most money, IT STILL COSTS MONEY!

Where is the other talent coming from?  The answer is TNA.  I mean the proof is there.  Look at the TNA talent now made famous: CM Punk, MVP, Kendrick, Mickie James.  The list goes on.  Even though they had their short stint in OVW or FCW, WWE saw their potential while in TNA.

Now the jumps are happening: Gail Kim, Ron Killings, Chris Harris (even though it was an extremely short stint).  On top of that, rumors (which have proved mostly true in the past) are that Angelina Love, Velvet Sky, and Christian Cage are back on WWE's radar.  They weren't sure of Love and Sky's athletic skills and they weren't sure of Cage's main event potential.  Therefore, at TNA's expense, WWE has had their questions answered. 

No matter how deep someone's loyalty runs with a company, if WWE outbids TNA by hundreds of thousands of dollars, the fact is: MONEY TALKS. 

WWE is letting talent, at no cost to them, go to another company to garner national attention and become popular.  If they succeed and when that time comes, they will offer them not only more money, but opportunities to gain more fame and national celebrity attention in front of large audiences and venues like Wrestlemania. 

The fact of the matter, no matter what anyone thinks, besides rare instances like Sting, if you want to be successful and famous in this industry, WWE is the place to be.

Soon, unless TNA starts getting competitive with salaries and opportunities in the company, more and more jumps will start to happen.  Again, like my previous arguments, I want there to be choices and I want there to be a TNA.  But being a business student, I know what can make and break a company, and the cracks in the TNA foundation are already starting to show.