Nexus and The Corre: Is This Just a Ruse For a Total Takeover?

Matt OffermannCorrespondent IJanuary 24, 2011

The once whole Nexus has been split in two. The "New" Nexus and The Corre are the outcomes of the total split.

CM Punk is the leader of the New Neus with Otunga, Mcguilicutty, Harris and apparently " Batista 2.0," Mason Ryan. Wade Barrett is the leader of The Corre, along with Gabriel, Slater and Big Zeke. Okay, so enough with the obvious, I will get to the point.

After Barrett left, or got kicked out of the Nexus by CM Punk, we all thought that a feud was in the making. After a few weeks we see that Punk's Neus has a thing going with Cena and Barrett apparently has one with The Big Show.

Of course, it is pretty obvious that the feud was going its separate way and had no choice but to be used differently. My guess is because of the Road To Wrestlemania, but after Wrestlemania, I can see this feud starting up again.

And by feud I mean the fake feud to set up a real possible takeover.

Imagine it. The Corre of Nexus, or The Nexus Core. Either way, a total takeover could be a great way to do a possible "takeover" thing that everybody wishes for TNA and the WWE.

Think of it as a big NWO only nowhere near as cool. This could really turn out to be a decent WWE-wide feud that has the makings for some good matches and great rivalries.

So what do you guys think? Could this be a big setup? Is this the bigger picture that Wade always mentioned? Or is it just a bad idea?