2011 MLB Season Preview: Lady Loves Pinstripes Preliminary Power Rankings

Kate Conroy@@ladylovespinsSenior Analyst IIJanuary 20, 2011

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Team: Philadelphia Phillies

Rank: 1

Comment: Halladay, Lee, Oswalt, and Hamels...need I say more? Expectations are HUGE with a rotation that could make history! Win World Series or bust is a lot of pressure, that doesn't always lead to success. The Phillies will miss Jayson Werth, dearly.

Team: Boston Red Sox
Rank: 2
Comment: Still hung in the mix in 2009, when all stars were on DL. Now everyone seems healthy and GM Theo Epstein worked magic in off-season by adding Crawford and Gonzalez.

Team: New York Yankees
Rank: 3
Comment: The Yankees have some pitching holes. Fact is solid young prospects are the hottest item (i.e.. Giants) lately, and Yanks have great farm full of those. If none look ready, you can be sure the holes will be patched by All-Star break. Also, Yanks line-up is solid as a rock and expect a big year from A-Rod, Tex and Jeter.

Team: San Francisco Giants
Rank: 4
Comment: Reigning WS Champs will get a wake-up call, as things went too perfectly in 2010. Expect regression from the youngsters, as Giants roaster practically identical from last season.

Team: Chicago White Sox
Rank: 5
Comment: Injuries plagued Cozy's boys in 2010. White Sox have had solid off-season, as now filled bullpen hole by signing Willie Ohman.

Team: Cincinnati Reds
Rank: 6
Comment: Last season's success will translate and inflate, as the Reds got a taste again. Great pitching and solid hitters are destined to improve in 2011.

Team: Atlanta Braves
Rank: 7
Comment: Adding 33 home-runs and 105 RBIs by signing Dan Uggla, means it is going to Hot-lanta in 2011.

Team: Detroit Tigers
Rank: 8
Comment: Quietly having a great off-season; keeping players they want and filling holes with new faces. Going under the radar will translate into wins on the filed in 2011.

Team: Texas Rangers
Rank: 9
Comment: Without Cliff Lee the Rangers lose their mojo. Signing Adrian Beltre to multiple years has never brought him past personal success, as Beltre tends to dominate signing one-year deals, as otherwise he gets to comfortable. Lee will be missed, but Rangers can now prove there worth this season. My bet is overrated and last year was divisional luck.

Team: Minnesota Twins
Rank: 10
Comment: Can the M&M boys can stay off the DL together? Joe Nathan was not missed in 2010 as much.....but he is healthy again. Is it enough to get pasted the ALDS, excuse me I mean the Yankees in 2011?

Team: St. Louis Cardinals
Rank: 11
Comment: Must keep Pujols in St. Louis, add solid rotation but must start the 2011 season hot from the start.

Team: Colorado Rockies
Rank: 12
Comment: A great, happy and richer young group of players.....could make for a lethal Rockies all season long.

Team: Milwaukee Brewers
Rank: 13
Comment: Signing Greinke and Marcum makes the Brewers legit contenders once again. Also, just resigned their Prince to stay on so the kingdom is looking good in an easy division to win.

Team: Los Angeles Angels
Rank: 14
Comment: Morales is the biggest news in Anaheim this off-season, but add a top healthy, rotation and the AL West will have wings again.

Team: Tampa Bay Rays
Rank: 15
Comment: Rays will look very different in 2011, as most of their players went bye-bye. Still have some solid starters and superstar Evan Longoria, but in the AL East that is not going to cut it in 2011.

Team: Florida Marlins
Rank: 16
Comment: Young, talented players who will not total rookies to start in 2011. Marlins might need one more season for growing pains, as next season seems more likely to be their year. Hey nothing wrong with being good to open a new home in 2012.

Team: Toronto Blue Jays
Rank: 17
Comment: It is inevitable that Jose Batista numbers will decline in 2011. Play in the toughest division in baseball, the AL East that makes contention darn near impossible.

Team: Washington Nationals
Rank: 18
Comment: Jayson Werth has ability to carry a team and lead, but has to stay off DL and keep chin-up for the youngsters. Possibility that Strasburg could be back by early September.

Team: Chicago Cubs
Rank: 19
Comment: Adding Carlos Pena is solid, plus hometown hero Kerry Wood came back just for Chicago and he will make the back-end solid.

Team: Los Angeles Dodgers
Rank: 20
Comment: Mediocre at best....went from a franchise in divorce to one in bankruptcy turmoil. New Manager Don Mattingly will have to work with weak hitting and so-so pitching in his first season as a skipper. Guess we will see what Don can do.

Team: New York Mets
Rank: 21
Comment: New GM and Skipper have taken total pressure off, regarding expectations for the 2011 season. Could be the smartest move, as the talent is there. Players will be relaxed, as well as the calmed fan base...looking towards 2012. Just maybe....they will make everyone believe again?!

Team: Baltimore Orioles
Rank: 22
Comment: Schowalter is a master motivator and the O's achieved more in two months under his reign then they had in years. Look for Camden Yard's seats to fill up again in 2011.

Team: Oakland Athletics
Rank: 23
Comment: Time for pitching expectations to show in the mound; added the big bats of Willingham and DeJesus to help the offense and a solid DH in Matsui....maybe the time is now.

Team: San Diego Padres
Rank: 24
Comment: Adios to Gonzalez.... adios to 2011. It is that simple, as I don't see this team doing much.

Team: Seattle Mariners.
Rank: 25
Comment: King Felix is a multiple Cy Young Winner, but that will be it if he doesn't get out of this awful franchisee pronto. Seattle owner needs to be fair and let him go.

Team: Cleveland Indians
Rank: 26
Comment: Rebuilding year and fans should be warned that 2011 will be a long season. Franchise should trade Grady Sizemore for some young prospects.

Team: Houston Astros
Rank: 27
Comment: Still can’t believe that they ended 2010 with 76 wins. Won't happen again because this team is horrible.

Team: Arizona Diamondbacks
Rank: 28
Comment: Will have to work hard to stay above .500 and it is possible, but tough to do when you already no you are not going past the regular season.

Team: Kansas City Royals
Rank: 29
Comment: How deep is Kansas City planning on making their farm system? Can trade their minor league stars, but who is going to want to play on a team that stinks for very long? Need to start to buck up some cash, unless franchise moves to the minors too.

Team: Pittsburgh Pirates

Rank: 30

Comment: What other team has continually stunk season, after season like the Pirates? Finishing 2010 with a 57-105 record....can it get much worse? On this team it certainly could...


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