Seattle Seahawks-New Orleans Saints: Seahawks Really the Underdogs?

Jon LioncourtContributor IJanuary 19, 2011

Leon Washington
Leon WashingtonJonathan Ferrey/Getty Images

Seconds decided the January 8, 2011 game; the Seattle Seahawks broke the Saints in the last moments to the surprise of nearly everyone, but not this author. Watching the clock with the score at 41-30, it would not have been impossible for the Saints to come back, yet unlikely.

The New Orleans Saints, the favorite team to win and the defending Super Bowl champions, were crushed by Seattle's underdog team, the Seahawks. No one could have known a last play would have decided this game with just not enough time for New Orleans to recover. Henderson made the last touchdown, but Wynn was unsuccessful at the conversion attempt. Game over at 41-36! Hasselbeck's 272 yards might have helped win this one—ya think?

Kinda makes one remember when the Seahawks overtook the Cardinals back in November, if you can forget the 2007 season in Seattle when the Saints took that game. So, the Saints keep their respect in the NFL led by Drew Brees and will have another chance next year. Could they do again what they did last year against the Colts? Stay tuned to find out.

Seahawks lost to the Bears on January 16, but Hasselbeck did capture 258 yards. For an accomplished leader who can keep playing, even with a wrist injury or being smacked here and there, he's proven his value. His 2010 season ended with 3001 yards and 266 completions out of 444 attempts.

Curious that Seattle would fire Jeremy Bates, when they had finally won a game, but not against Chicago (35-24). Maybe Pete Carroll has something up his sleeve. Perhaps we'll see more firings and more drafts that prove their worth. We'll see next season and we'll need to keep tabs on Leon Washington from Florida State and his multiple positions including rushing back. Chris Baker from Michigan State needs to earn his money as the highest paid Seahawk, so we can anticipate seeing why he is paid so handsomely and will expect results from his contract.

Speaking of drafts and worth, might we mention Tim Tebow? We might be seeing the Broncos in the Super Bowl next year, possibly against the Saints or the Seahawks? It's been a while since the Broncos won Super Bowls back-to-back in 1998 and 1999. You never know...