Taylor Corley: Bleacher Report Sports Hottie of the Week

Nathaniel UyFeatured ColumnistJanuary 19, 2011

Taylor Corley: Bleacher Report Sports Hottie of the Week

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    Taylor Corley, a student cheerleader at Mississippi State, has been dealing with controversy since photos of her surfaced posing for Playboy under the name Taylor Stone.

    Now that she has been linked to an appearance in a November issue of Playboy, trouble appears to be brewing for the hot blonde co-ed.

    Some are calling for her banishment from the cheerleading team and the school may be forced to cut her loose because of outside pressure.

    Which brings us back to this statement:

    "If she had identified herself as an MSU Cheerleader or used any of our marks, then the university might have pursued action," said Dr. Bill Kibler, Mississippi State vice president of student affairs. "However, she was not identified as an MSU student or a cheerleader. The university did not pursue any action when this came to our attention last fall."

    Do you think Taylor deserves to get in trouble for her photos?  Check them out to see.

Taylor Corley: Playboy Girl Turned Cheerleader

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    Before we even get to the Playboy photos, here's a look at the freshman student at Mississippi State.

    Who would have thought, that cute innocent blonde was actually hiding a big secret.

Taylor Corley: It's Her!

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    According to reports, Taylor took part in a Playboy photo shoot even before she enrolled at Mississippi State.

    Taylor reportedly used the alias Taylor Stone for her pictorial.

Taylor Corley: Meet Taylor

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    That's her!  Or, a very good double.

    There's no denying it.  She may be a cute cheerleader by day. 

    But she's definitely hot enough to make the pages of Playboy.

Taylor Corley: Smile

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    That cute smile has been cheering for the Mississippi State football team all season long.

    Could she have been a good luck charm for the Bulldogs?

Taylor Corley

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    Taylor must have brought the school good luck as they actually had a very strong season, going 9-4 overall in the standings and finishing No. 21 in the BCS rankings.

    That's four more wins than the 2009 season!

Taylor Corley

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    All kidding aside, Corley was already of age when she decided to pose for Playboy.

    Why should she be punished for making an adult decision?

Taylor Corley

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    At the time of her photo shoot, she did not use any of the school's logos.

    In fact, she wasn't even enrolled yet.

Taylor Corley

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    It's not that easy to make the pages of Playboy.

    And Taylor made it for simply being beautiful.

Taylor Corley

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    She's beautiful, young and has a great body.

    There should be no disputing that.

Taylor Corley

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    For her to be pulled out of the cheerleading team for this photo shoot just doesn't seem fair.

Taylor Corley

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    If she's hot.  Let her flaunt it.

    No one's getting hurt.

Taylor Corley: Swimsuit and Dress

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    The true measure of how hot a girl is if she passes the everyday test.

    Here's Taylor in a casual swimsuit and a nice dress.

    Still looking as pretty as ever.  She doesn't even need Playboy's Photoshop work to make her look even better.

Taylor Corley

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    But it doesn't hurt.

    Here's another round of Taylor's photos.

    This time she's just chilling on a couch.

Taylor Corley: Sexy Look

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    She can do sexy.

    Oh yes, that's the right look for it.

Taylor Corley: All Fours

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    She can also play football.

    Check out her four-point stance.

Taylor Corley

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    All right, maybe football's not her thing.

    But looking good certainly is.

Taylor Corley

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    Even if cheerleading doesn't work out for her.

    It appears that she's got a future as a model.

Taylor Corley

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    With a face like hers and a body like that.

    You may just find her in a Victoria Secret catalog someday.

Taylor Corley: Next Photo Shoot

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    Don't go anywhere.  We've got more Taylor.

    This time she's modeling grey lingerie.  In bed.

Taylor Corley

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    She may have taken this pose with her to the football field.

    Imagine her with pom poms.

Taylor Corley

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    She'd definitely look great in a tight cheerleading sweater.

    Let me emphasize tight.

Taylor Corley

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    It's okay.  You can take a peek.

    She's not looking.

Taylor Corley

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    Oops.  She saw you.

    But I think she doesn't mind.

Taylor Corley

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    Oh no.

    Her bra fell off!

    Someone give her a hand.

Taylor Corley

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    Ah.  Too late.

    You just weren't fast enough.

Taylor Corley: Let Her Stay!

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    Hope you enjoyed Taylor's photos.

    Isn't she just a true hottie?

    Would you root for the Bulldogs if she was on their cheerleading team?

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