Five Top 10 SEC Teams for First Time in History: Can They Keep It Going?

Lee HendersonContributor ISeptember 15, 2008

For about 75 years now, the fans of the SEC have been claiming that their football conference is better than any other.  I don't believe that any football conference is the best every year, but it looks like this is another season of SEC dominance—at least the AP Poll thinks so.

For the first time in the history of the Associated Press poll, one conference has five of the top 10 teams.  That feat belongs to the SEC.

Georgia dropped a spot for the second week in a row after winning a close game against South Carolina but still narrowly hangs to the No. 3 spot.

The team right on their heels is the Florida Gators.  The Florida Gators were off this week but had a good showing against Miami last week.  The Gators trail the Georgia Bulldogs by just 23 points in the rankings.

It should be no surprise to see LSU in the top 10 once again.  The Tigers aren't getting the hype that Georgia and Florida are, but they are hanging around like usual.

The newcomer to the Top 10 this week is the Alabama Crimson Tide.  After Alabama's win over Clemson, the Tide have now gotten off to a 3-0 start.

Finally there is Auburn, who is hanging on at No. 10.  Should Auburn still be ranked No. 10?  I don't think so.  I don't consider barely beating Mississippi State equivalent to barely beating South Carolina, but both Auburn and Georgia moved the same number of spots in the same direction.

Having five teams in the top 10 of the AP is a nice feather in the cap of the SEC, but it likely won't stay that way once the SEC teams start knocking each other off.  But could the SEC at least have five schools in the top 10 for two weeks in a row?  Let's take a look.


Alabama at Arkansas

After the way these two teams have started, you would think this would be an easy win for Alabama.  But I don't think I'll be convinced Alabama is good until they at least look formidable against Georgia the following week.  Arkansas also gives Alabama a tough game annually, so this game could be a close one, but Alabama wins it.


LSU at Auburn

This is exactly what I'm talking about.  The SEC teams will start playing each other, and one will have to lose.  Is there a possible scenario where they both stay in the top 10?   Maybe if Auburn wins, then Auburn moves up and LSU only drops to No. 10, but that's wishful thinking—not only because LSU would probably drop farther, but also because Auburn probably isn't going to win.


Georgia at Arizona State

This was shaping up to be a nice matchup between two ranked teams, but then Arizona State went and lost to UNLV.  Arizona State still has a small chance but Georgia probably pulls away late.


Florida at Tennessee

Again, the start that these two teams have had may suggest one thing, but the result of this game will probably be different.  There is rarely a blowout game between Florida and Tennessee, and since they already have one loss Tennessee could be playing for their season this week.  Florida wins a close game.


Alabama, Georgia, and Florida should all win this week, but the LSU and Auburn game throws a wrench into the plans.  The SEC's only chance of five teams in the top 10 is if LSU loses but only drops to No. 10.

Or hey, maybe teams 10-25 could all lose, Vanderbilt could upset Ole Miss, and Vanderbilt could move up 16 spots to number 10.

Okay, maybe not all things are possible.

The best thing about the SEC is good games week in and week out.  These five teams alone have eight games against each other within the course of the next 11 weeks.  Here is the schedule. 

This Week

LSU at Auburn

Sept. 27

Alabama at Georgia

Oct. 11

LSU at Florida

Oct. 25

Georgia at LSU

Nov. 1

Florida at Georgia

Nov. 8

Alabama at LSU

Nov. 15

Georgia at Auburn

Nov. 29

Auburn at Alabama


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