Patriots Go For #22

Anthony KoconContributor ISeptember 15, 2008

With the win against the Jets in week 2, the Patriots have won 21 regular season games in a row.

The old record was set by the 2003-2004 Patriots with 18 wins. Behind them are the 1934 Bears with 17 wins and the 1973 Dolphins with 16 wins.

In this streak the New England Patriots have "set records for", most points scored in a season, most touchdowns in a season, largest point differential in a season, most touchdown passes in a season and most touchdown receptions in a season.

With Matt Cassel now the leader of the team, how far can they take this amazing feat?

The Patriots next challenge is the 0-2 Miami dolphins. Miami has always played New England tough.

This year is a little different as the Dolphins are without Jason Taylor, who seemed to always be the difference maker and rather the only challenge for Brady and the offense.

Matt Light and the rest of the patriots offensive line always had their hands full with Taylor. It was know that Matt and Tom had cracked open a beer together as Jason was traded to the Redskins.

Patriots played conservative with Cassel against the Jets, but this week may be a little bit different. With Miami's weak defense, Look for Belichick to challenge Matt to spread the ball around in the air. You will see more of the Pro-I Formations as you did against the Jets, but you will also see more Single Back Formations and Empty Backfields then you did last week. 

The only way to learn is to preform and practice. Belichick runs the Two Minute drill every practice with the first offense. Matt never being in that situation in a game.

Given the opportunity, the patriots will use a few series with a no-huddle offense. Which will exercise the play of Cassel. It will make him a better quarterback for future games.

Brady and the Patriots have been the top team in, scoring points in the last 2 minutes of the second quarter. Teams that have had success in this area have an 84% winning record in those games. 

To make it easier for Cassel, the Patriots defense looked great, in most fields. Only giving up one touchdown in each game.

The only exception was giving up chunks of yards on one play. They need to fill in the gaps when teams run off the tackle.

Richard Seymour finally healthy, was impressive. He had 3 tackles and one sack which he had taken down two people at once, the blocker and the QB.

The Patriots first round pick of 09, Jarod Mayo had 7 solo tackles and was all over all  over the field. Mayo played every down in week one and all but, 3 plays in week two on defense.

The Patriots secondary still needs some work, but held their own against Coles and Cotchery, never giving up that one big play.

Against Miami, they play a familiar foe Chad Pennington, known for his accuracy and lack of arm strength, while with the Jets.

The Patriots will play their usual 3-4 Defense, you will see them bring pressure in the middle to force a quick release from Chad. Zone blitzes are the key to beat Pennington.

People argue the point that the Patriots were not, and are not the best team in football.  The thing is, stats are stats, they don't lie. Its something to appreciate to watch, because it will always be a topic when talking about, the greatest teams in NFL history.


Patriots take the dolphins 31-16 and continue this feet to 22 games.