Jimmer Fredette Video: Watch Jimmer Jam Show Off His Range

Thomas CopainCorrespondent IJanuary 19, 2011

Is there anything Jimmer can't do?

I'm referring to Jimmer Fredette, the outstanding senior guard from Bringham Young University all the while repressing the urge to make several references to Jimmy, the gym rat who referred to himself in the third person on Seinfeld.

This is the same Jimmy Fredette who's lighting up the college basketball world and starting a battle with UCONN's Kemba Walker for the national scoring lead in a unprecedented race we have not seen...since 2006.

Of course, that was when J.J. Redick and Adam Morrison went back and forth all season for the scoring title and before both were selected in the first round of the 2006 National Basketball Association draft.

Morrison's now a bench warmer with a ring, while Redick's a serviceable pro.

Instead, Jimmer was pretty sweet on half-court jumpers in the first half of a blowout win against Texas Christian University.

Perhaps the most impressive thing, which was a clear make from almost the half-court line, is the confidence of Fredette to make the shot.

He's shown he can be dangerous from anywhere on the floor. He can penetrate and score inside, he can knock down the outside shot, and he can pull it down and distribute to his teammates. He's a very complete player.

What can you do when he's hitting shots like this without any effort. You can't touch him. Don't touch Jimmer. Okay—I had to do at least one Jimmy reference.

Granted, he's had trouble making easy dunks when he's by himself, but he's in a world by himself right now and some team in the late first or early second round of this year's draft is going get an absolute steal in Fredette.